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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering if there are enough trash bags in the world.Because we’re gonna need a-plenty to get all the crap up off the ground that’s been exposed by the melting snow.Don’t worry, we’re not talking about dog poop again. We’ve had enough of that discussion this spring already. We’re talking real crap – hold on and we’ll take a quick spin around the block and come back with a list …Whew. In one trip around one block we spied (in no particular order):• a handful of gum wrappers• a red plastic cup

• a bicycle tire• a broken snowboard• grocery store bags (too many to count)• stray newspaper pages (too many to count)• a green plastic toy resembling a Gremlin• three beer bottles (not cold; empty)• a broken Christmas tree ornament

• a Christmas tree• a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding!)So, clip those Glad coupons and buy some stock in that Hefty company. Summit County’s going to fill a corner of the landfill getting ready for summer tourist season …***Shoot. We have a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! today. Why does this always happen when we’re on duty to write this column? Oh yeah, we always write this column. As some people would say, “Get over it.”But Jennifer is not is not likely to do that, and we can’t say we blame her. Someone stole her red GT mountain bike from her condo in Keystone Tuesday night, and she’s bummed. She just had knee surgery and was using the bike every day as therapy. We hope the thief gets his toes caught in the spokes while doing 60 down Loveland Pass.

***The snow’s a-melting. Oh yeah, we already talked about that. Well, somewhere on this page you’ll find a picture printed especially to remind you of our snow-filled winter. Just take a moment now and recall the snow falling, big, fat white flakes, and how it felt to float over it and through it and how it swished past your boots and boards … Okay, come back now. It’s 60 freakin’ degrees! Remember those 20-foot-high piles of snow on the street corners, so high it seemed they would be permanent fixtures? Snow so deep and heavy, it caved in the roofs of a few porches? Gone, like the rabbit.***It’s Saturday, and we’d like to know what the melting snow revealed at the end of your driveway. Leave us a message at (970) 668-3998 ext. 13600, or fire us an e-mail at

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