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Special to the Daily Another entry for our Humpty-Dumpty Contest. This killer hematoma (not literally) was acquired by Laura McDermott during the Breckenridge employee tug-of-war. Way to take one for the team! No word on who won.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering where they house the golden shovels.You may not know the ones, but they’re prevalent in the worlds of those who write about and photograph ground-breakings. We’re not talking about ground-breaking scientific discoveries or ground-breaking literary works. We’re talking about the literal breaking of the ground. Yes, we know, it happens all the time in Summit Up Land, what with nonstop development going on, well, nonstop. But every time officials decide to spend public money on a new building – not a shopping center or new single-family home, of course, but a public building such as a library, school wing or medical clinic – they set a date, people show up in ridiculous shoes and the shovels come out. Our photographers set up the camera, everyone dons a white plastic hat and grabs these golden shovels and pretends to dig in the ground while smiling into the camera.

We’ve never stuck around long enough to know what happens after that. We presume the government officials spending the public money remove the funny little hats and hand the golden shovels back to someone. Then that someone must cart them off – because we all know foundations are dug with big, burly machinery usually painted a bright shade of yellow, not scoop-by-scoop using hand-held golden shovels. So this someone – we’re calling him the Shovel Keeper – stores them away in a shovel temple until the next public project is set to begin. But who is the Shovel Keeper and where is the Shovel Temple?It takes a ground-breaking work of literary genius to solve such mysteries, we think.***

We’re changing the subject from gold to diamonds. What a rich day. We’ve got this Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! that, if we were holding a contest here, may rank No. 1 in the history of this column’s good-news sharing. It comes from Jennifer, and we’re gonna let her tell it:”Many blessings offered up to the young man who walked into my office this morning, holding out my diamond ring! He said to me, ‘Here, I found your ring on the steps outside.’ I don’t believe I know this man, but he has wings on him; the ring has stones in it from family long passed away, and is cherished beyond belief. Thanks to this angel, I can keep cherishing it!”***It seems mud season is rendering the locals a bit ditsy, or confused, or forgetful. At any rate, people are losing their stuff, but Tuesday morning was full of good karma in Frisco. Read on for another Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!

Linda explains, “While my friend, Vivienne, and I were walking in Frisco, some guy lost his two dogs. He was driving around looking for them and asked us if we had seen them. We hadn’t, so we took his cell phone number in case we found them. Within five minutes these two huge dogs bounded toward us and as Vivienne tried to catch them, I fumbled for my phone and called the guy. He showed up right away, thanked us and took the dogs. We continued our walk, ended up at lunch and I got a call on my cell. It was my husband, who had just gotten a call that someone had found my billfold and glasses. They must have fallen out while dealing with the phone and the dogs. The billfold was returned with all cash and cards.”A very special set of angel wings go out to David of Aspen Meadow Construction. It’s stories like that that make this a very cool place to live. “Thank you 88 squadzillion times!!!!!” (In Linda’s words.)

***Well, our story about the Caughlin’s 60th anniversary piqued the interest of Ruth and Martin Hertzberg, who will be celebrating their 55th on Saturday. We give them a hearty congratulations. And, because they know they deserve something special, they’re taking a cruise to Alaska later this month to celebrate.***Wow, we’re feeling great on this Hump Day. Call us and tell us what you’ve lost and found on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13619, or shoot us an e-mail at’re out looking for the jewels …

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