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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that got all shook up by the great ghettoblaster in the sky.Shortly after the condensation levels in Summit County clouds attained supreme soppiness status – with moments of hail and constant spring rain – and for those of us who were awake and not in soundproof confines around 4:15 p.m. yesterday, the sky spoke.And since the sky talks like lions, we initially felt afraid. But, as usual, the fear subsided before the thunder stopped, morphing into feelings of rumbling vitality – like the pyramids are crumbling to reveal an ancient stargate, like Rip Van Winkle’s alarm clock or sitting on an unfamiliar roller coaster during its first big drop.To honor the sonic occurrence, we’ve chosen to share an excerpt from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Challenge of Thor” for Thor is the Norse god of thunder and war:”Mine eyes are the lightning;The wheels of my chariotRoll in the thunder,The blows of my hammerRing in the earthquake!Force rules the world still,Has ruled it, shall rule it;Meekness is weakness,Strength is triumphant,Over the whole earthStill is it Thor’s-Day!”***The Humpty-Dumpty Contest for the gnarliest bruises knows no bounds, as Ron from Frisco wrote in with his painful story about a winter golfing injury:”My friend Pete and I went to Denver to play golf on December 29, 2005. What the heck – 5 feet of snow here and golf weather down there. We played at Lake Arbor. The day was beautiful, the first nine holes were not so bad for December. We started off the back nine okay, but on the par-5 10th hole, I teed off with a good swing. And, whack! the ball hit a pole that was attached to a fence that runs along the tee box protecting some windows in the condos. The ball comes back and hits me in the forehead right about my eye, my own ball! Viciously attacked by a killer Nike golf ball (I needed) 12 stitches and x-rays to make sure everything was still intact. By the way, two days after the accident, I was golfing.”Now that the weather is getting warmer and people are wearing shorts, we sense there might be a greater royal presence in Summit County. We’ve seen a few other bluebloods out there. We’re in the midst of another Summit Up contest to find out who the real bruisers are in the area. We like to call this one the “Humpty-Dumpty Contest,” because it’s about breaking things then putting them back together again. To get your hands on a prize, send us your gnarliest photo of a bruise and/or other injury earned from this ski season to the present. Also include a description of how you obtained your badge of honor. We’ll only publish G-rated boo-boos, so keep it clean. We reserve the right to edit or completely black out photos for tastefulness. Send us your gross-outs from your all-out efforts to***The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) honored its top undergraduate scholars April 2 at its 23rd annual Honors Convocation during Academic Excellence Week, and we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a genius among us. This is not to say that we all don’t have unique and inherent genius, but this Dillon homeowner applied her burly brains to the university’s School of Special Education. We’d like to tip our safety helmets toward Jenna Geiss, who was accepted into Harvard on March 27, and who will be graduating from UNC with honors on Friday.***We’re out, blaring AC/DC on the meek ghettoblaster we inherited from our brother when he spent his yard work paycheck on a whole “sound system.” It goes: “Sound of the drums, they beatin’ in my heart! The thunder of guns, yeah, they tore me apart! You’ve been … THUNDERSTRUCK!”

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