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Special to the Daily The aftermath of Brian Jones' recent day of skiing on Peak 9 has made him a serious contender in Summit Up's Humpty Dumpty contest.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column craving the neon lights, late nights and endless hours of gambling that is Las Vegas.Maybe it was the two hours of the World Poker Tour we watched Saturday night (yes, we know we need to get a life) that has us itching for a road trip through the desert and into the debauchery of Sin City. Boy, if you ever thought poker tournaments were boring, think again. We gnawed our fingernails and inched closer and closer to the television set as we waited to see if straight-faced Tuan Lee would pull the perfect river card to put marathon runner, CPA and amateur card player Temp Hutter under the table. (He did.)After watching the pros play, we were so amped up that we popped “Rounders” into the DVD player for further inspiration. Watching Matt Damon conquer the tables in New York City’s underground clubs then jet off to Vegas with $30,000 in his pocket to join the professional poker circuit had us even more antsy to throw down some chips.Now, we can’t help our minds from fantasizing about jumping in our car, driving 10 hours to Vegas, plopping down at a table and throwing all our money away on hand after sinful hand of Texas Hold’Em. Or maybe we’d win. Then, the casino would comp us a room, hoping we would lose all their money back to them the next night, but instead we would spend the day lounging poolside sipping piña coladas and soaking in the scorching sun to thaw our bodies still frozen from the ski season.It doesn’t help our anxiousness any that the high temperature in Vegas is hovering at a balmy 100 degrees, while we’re suffering through springtime in the Rockies (read: dodging pellets of hail while putting on hole 9 at the Raven).

Unfortunately with a tank of gas costing about the price of a month’s rent these days, and with no signs of any relief during the summer, all roadtrips are off for the time being. We’ll just have to continue to live vicariously through the poker players on ESPN and the Travel Channel. Or we could kill two birds with one stone. One of our trusty field agents recently informed us of a new contest on, which offers $1,000 to the person who submits the best solution to America’s gas crunch problem in a 150 words or fewer.

Hmmm.***We’d like to congratulate Scott Wanke, former local animal control officer, and Vicki Donaldson, formerly from Summit County Pre-School, who tied the knot in Orange Beach, Alabama, on April 26. They sent us their photo with a greeting to all their friends in the High Country. “Hopefully we will be back in Frisco to celebrate with all of you soon!” they wrote. “We love you all! – Mr. and Mrs. Wanke. CHEERS!!!” Congrats to the Wankes, and best wishes for your journey together.***

On a separate note, another tremendously worthy contender has entered Summit Up’s Humpty Dumpty Contest. This photo of a bruised and battered leg (somewhere on this page) comes from Brian Jones, who banged himself up pretty good skiing on Gaper Day at Breckenridge this season:”Skiing on Peak 9, I was throwing cork fives and decided that I would under rotate one. I landed, first popping off my ski and second putting my hip right on the binding, which partially tore a metal plate in the binding in half. That is the injury sustained to the binding, this was the injury sustained to my hip.”Ouch.

Don’t forget to send in photos of the most heinous injuries you’ve received either skiing or taking part in any other sports that please your fancy. We’ll only publish G-rated boo-boos, so keep it clean. The winner will get themselves a cool prize from the Corporate Suites. It may be gauze.Send your entries to***It’s Monday and we’re out writing a rough draft on how to solve our dependence on foreign oil.

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