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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s prepared to give Ebenezer Scrooge a pun for his money.Ah, 5-10 (2006), some folks are taller than today in feet and inches, some folks are younger than the sum of five 10s. As for us, the miserly (just for right now) voice from Corporate Candyland, well we’re on a budget.To honor the numerical insignificance of today’s date, we withdrew $50 from our humble (grumble) checking account. The debit card and the checkbook have been hidden away like boogers in a thick moustache because we’re trying out a new “Green Back Fast” (get green back fast/purge on the amount of greenbacks spent).For this fast, the deal is that we can burn, eat or blow our noses with as much money as our mucous will cover, however, there will be absolutely no spending or “trading” our hard-earned dinero for anything but the necessities for two weeks.Good luck, or, as one of our early loves told us (in the early 1990s) after we asked whether we could view their version of the particular aspects that separate the genders: “SHA, RIGHT!” (an expression as attractive as a purple zit, delivered with adolescent sarcasm, that meant “No lookey for you!”).Well, we’re over the decade-old denial of show-and-peep for the time being, and we’re focused on the Earth First mantra “Recycle, reduce, reuse.”For example: Can we find a way to reduce the amount of paper money that came with our Monopoly board game, reuse it to pay for a few things that definitely aren’t houses or hotels on Marvin Gardens, and recycle the money into the global economy?Okay, that’s just silly, but we’re really doing this $50 for two weeks deal. Yes, we are almost sick of peanut butter, and we know that even though Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs on hot dogs, stogies and beer, he died before he was 55, so we’re a little skeptical of that diet.Anyway, we have purchased a large sack of bulk Basmati rice (just like the dude that dies in the wilderness in Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild”), we bought the dog enough food for the two-week trial, we have a half-eaten bag of Braeburn apples, and we have a surprisingly ample storage of loose-leaf teas.It’s offseason, and we didn’t get to go on exotic vacations like all of our friends, so we’re comparing ways to pinch the proverbial penny. Call in with your best “Tightwad Tales” to (970) 668-3998, ext. 13620, or e-mail us at***Paul called this Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! in: He was skiing at the Basin on Tuesday, and he returned to his car only to find the Thule cream-colored box (double-wall clamshell, oldschool-style) gone from the top of his car. It’s 15 years old and they didn’t make lots of different locks back then. Someone took the box off from his thinking he was taking back his box that was stolen in April. A note was attached to the top of Paul’s car: “Thanks for taking the box from the lot of Sunday late April. I HAVE THE KEY FOR THE LOCK. That’s is how I knew it was mine. Circled: Your skis and equipment are with the ski patrol. Have a nice day.”What the box taker forgot was that 15 years ago, there weren’t many different keys made for Thule boxes. His key just happened to fit Paul’s box. Paul is not a stealer and he wants his box back. Call him at (808) 280-8714 if you have any info on the matter***We’re out, not showing them ours until they show us theirs.

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