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Special to the Daily Happy Birthday to Yves Piecoup. He's turning 40 today. Carly Piecoup titled this picture "Looking to America." We wonder if Yves is sitting on an invisible bean bag and communicating with E.T. via his fingertip.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that learns from the elements. Zeus looked down from Mount Olympus, but we like to think of our mountain living experience from a mere mortal’s perspective. We took our bike, Powder Blue, out for a spin under dark skies. Tiny raindrops were just starting to hit the trail as we began climbing. The smell of earth and life filled our nostrils and fueled our lungs as we pedaled across the slightly slippery roots and rocks. We reached our favorite lookout point and saw the sky billowing toward an infinite point, being swallowed up by air and light. And we were amazed. Not the kind of “oh, wow!” amazement that is felt when viewing someone else’s vacation pictures, but a feeling of bafflement that accompanies a glimpse of the Big Picture. We had to combat our cynicism and give in to the fact that under this changing sky, we were both vulnerable and reactive.

We turned Powder Blue around, or maybe she turned herself around considering our frame of mind. The wind picked up again and the birds started twittering. Thunder rumbled around us, cracked branches became huge claps and the swaying tree limbs moaned. We rolled and pedaled and our skin became covered with mud and water. We felt scared and alive, like we were satisfying an itch that was so deep rooted and covered in consciousness it could only be known as our soul. We hit the pavement in a driving rain and remembered what it means when we say “I” in conversation. Reconnecting to our life, we heard the Corporate Suites calling, and our deepest thought emanated from our stomach. We appeased it with a smoothie at home. But still, we held on to the few minutes of everything we had on our ride. There was no escaping the wind or the rain or the thunder, and in somewhere in the swirl we found a powerful, uniting peace. ***

With all of its amenities and whatnot, we do feel very lucky to work at the Corporate Suites. There is always pudding pops in the freezer and even better, news on the wire. But after typing lots of words, our backs sometimes hurt and we feel antsy. Our remedy has been The Ball. First there was only one ball in the newsroom. Then there were two. Then those two probably got together and had a baby ball, because the new one is a little smaller and looks like a combination of the original two. And what do Summit Up staffers do on their balls? Ostensibly, they sit. But there’s also a lot of bouncing and kicking that goes on. We say the ball has made the Corporate Suites more fun. Plus, the idea of a legless chair sounds very complicated and futuristic. It’s almost like reinventing the wheel.

We read a women’s magazine that said sitting on a ball sitters enjoy “around-the-clock ab firming.” We like to think of it as a giant hacky sack, improving our balance and coordination as we stare into the real future – computers and websites. ***We’re out and on the proverbial ball, seeing what’s next.

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