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"Erin Rose Callan, Summit High School graduating class of 2001, completed her graduate studies and thesis and received her Professional Master of Architecture Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design on June 3, 2006.  Formerly of Breckenridge and Savannah, GA, Erin will be relocating to Charleston, SC where she has accepted a position with the Hilton Head based architecture firm, Group3.  Fittingly, Erin will begin her new life and career on her 23rd birthday, June 19th.  Her family and friends send their love and wish her all the best.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to make sure that Brandy Stilwell, editor-in-chief of Tiger Tracks, has the last word. Now-graduated, Brandy, penned a farewell letter for the senior edition of the paper. Unfortunately, Stilwell’s letter inexplicably was left out of the publication. We thought we’d give her a chance to put in two more cents. Here goes:OK, so as my last assignment for the paper I am supposed to write a farewell. Most might write “It’s been a great year and I am regretting the end. I will miss my friends so much.” And while I will miss many of my friends, I am going to be honest (it is, after all, my last hoo-ra of high school).

To be blunt, this year has sucked. I have had to deal with so many issues this year on top of the normal senior girl thing of trying out for airband host and finding that perfect prom dress. I have had to quit a job because of a crazy boss, I have had a co-worker have the hots for me, I have had “friends” stab me in the back and I have had to go through hell for the one I love. But through all of these chaotic events I have emerged a new and better person. In lieu of this constant stress, I have learned valuable lessons that I would not have learned otherwise. First of all, quitting my job at the shoe store allowed me to find a more exciting and better paying job at Village Inn (mmm … pie). But, my first day of the job I found a new stress to worry about via an older guy with a crush. Even though I did become friends with him, I was in a constant struggle with myself about everything. I was sent into a whirlwind of thoughts, good and bad. I just became a confused soul. But through his pushing for more I learned a lot about myself and appreciated all I have a lot more. After my co-worker suddenly departed to California I could finally have my sigh of relief; life would be easier again. Not for long, though. Within a few weeks I learned the horrible truth of, well, a few things. My boyfriend told me the truth about a nasty rumor regarding us and I learned about the second face of someone I felt I had become close to. I was shocked and devastated. So much so that I couldn’t even shed a single tear as had as I tried. (And I did really try). Without revealing too much, I will say that the truth about my “friend” caused me to question everyone I knew and their motives. This person I think is the only person I have ever “yelled at” (meaning most would not consider it yelling but I am not a fighter so in my eyes it was.) I wanted to enjoy my last few weeks of school so I tried not to start anything. But I did get my feelings off of my chest and told her how she hurt me. In the end I was glad I finally said something, it had been eating at me for a while. But she taught me that I can, in fact, stand up for myself when I need to and that I need to hold on to the people I truly care about because they are rare and beautiful. As for the rumor with my boyfriend, it turned out to be one of the most horrible things to ever happen to me. But despite this demon always over my head I am OK and my boyfriend and I are better than ever. He has been very supportive. He has been my shoulder to whimper on (since I can’t cry) and has listened to my concerns. We made it through this together, as a team. Through this negative experience I have learned that his is defiantly my other half and always will be. I love him with all of my heart and by the time this comes out we will have been together for a year and a half. And while I thought a “fight” like this may tear us apart it has made us stronger.

But the point of me telling you all of this is that I want people to know that good comes out of everything, and while it may be hard sometimes, it is there. This has been a horrible year, but oddly enough I have been the happiest I have been in my entire life. I have a good job, I have wonderful friends, I have great parents, and I have an amazing boyfriend! My life it perfect! I would not change a thing. So as these are my last words in the Tiger Tacks I would like to say just a few more things: I have enjoyed being the editor of this paper (the constant struggle and all). I have enjoyed growing up in this county. And while I am happy to be leaving I will often come back to see the snow covered peaks. Also I want to recognize two teachers who have especially helped me through my high school career: Mr. Scott Porter and Mrs. Becky Oliver. You two are wonderful people inside and outside of the classroom. Most of the things I have learned from you two has not been school related, but about life and I am thankful to have met you both.

And finally to my friends: Chris O, Macaela H, Tara H, Lara D and Alex M (pushing papers, yeah baby!) for helping so much with the paper and always keeping me entertained. And to Alex S, Roberto S, Angela M, Andy N, Blake H, and Shannon J. You guys are just plain amazing. Thank you so much for everything. You are the ones who will always be with me no matter how far apart we are. I love you all!”Everything is changing, life is rearranging but I feel so alive”- Ashley Parker Angel***We’re out, pontificating on that thought and being thankful that high school is over.

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