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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that thinks 12 years old is WAY too young to tie the knot.We had to gasp at a recent Colorado Court of Appeals ruling that allows girls as young as 12 years old and boys as young as 14 in Colorado to enter into a legal common-law marriage.Say what? Aren’t kids still playing with Barbies and Tonka Trucks at that age? Aren’t boys still running away from girls to avoid the spread of cooties?We’re nearing our 30s, and we still aren’t ready to embark on a supposed lifelong commitment to another person. Certainly, in our pre-teen years marriage wasn’t a flicker of a thought in our minds.Heck, we’re pretty sure we didn’t even like the opposite sex yet at that age. Our thoughts were pretty much restricted to whether we had cool enough clothes, if we would make the basketball team and worrying about every teen’s nightmare of waking up with a face full of pimples.We can’t imagine what would’ve come out of a marriage to our sixth grade boyfriend, but we’re pretty confident it wouldn’t have lasted past high school.

Imagine having a husband or a wife to support before the law allows you to get a driver’s permit, or legally work! We know we’re just a lowly daily column and all, but we can’t help but think that with all the hubbub over same-sex marriage right now, shouldn’t we be more concerned about the age that kids are allowed to get hitched rather than whether they want to make such a commitment to someone of the same sex or of the opposite sex?We better change the subject now.***As we were biding our time in the airport recently waiting for a flight, we pulled out our cell phone eager to play a few games to pass the time. We hadn’t relied on our phone for entertainment for several years, and had upgraded phones in the meantime, but figured the old standbys would still be there.Wrong.

While the new fancy flip-style, paper thin phones are all the rage, manufacturers have silently phased out the best part about having a portable phone: the games.We used to polish our blackjack skills by betting against our phone while waiting for a doctor’s appointment – now all we get is a trial round of Bedazzled.Just when you get past the first level, a message pops up requiring payment to continue on. Sure matching up little colored dots is fun, but definitely not worthy of actual dollars.No more Snake either, which used to aid us in filling up hours of boring college classes, and was likely the reason behind the popularity of Nokia phones.We were pretty disappointed upon discovering that our favorite games had been dropped, but recovered as soon as we figured out the airport had Wi-Fi.***

Before we check out for the day, we want to run an overdue shout-out from Breckenridge resident Terese:Dear Summit Up Staff:I’m wondering if the information I sent you almost two weeks ago ever reached you or if you just haven’t had the space to place it in your column. I’m hoping it just got waylaid and that you’ll be kind enough to run it because it would mean a lot to me.The news is that my son, Nick Purdy, received not one but two scholarships to St. John’s Military School in Salina, Kan. He’ll be returning for his fourth year this August when he attends leadership camp before school starts. His current rank is staff sergeant. I just wanted to state that his mom is very proud of him and say “way to go, Nick!” We’re proud of you too Nick.***It’s Monday, and we’re out watching the World Cup, really. Write to us at with random thoughts or anything else.

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