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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wishing you Happy Haikuween!

Yeah, we admit it. We totally made that up. But you have to admit, Haikuween is a pretty cool name for a holiday.

Our good readers know we’ve been soliciting haiku poetry for the past two weeks. Well, after hours of hair-pulling, gut-wrenching judging by the world’s foremost Japanese poetry mavens, weighing the subject against the skill and craft of prosody and, basically, throwing darts at a dartboard, we’ve got some winners: And, it just so happens that everyone who sent us a haiku is getting something.

There’s Jiggin419 who e-mailed us this one:

the snow falls lightly

sun hides its face behind clouds

the time is now here

He or she (what gender do you suppose a “Jiggin” is?) can stop by Summit Up Central Hindquarters at 40 W. Main in Frisco and pick up a $15 gift certificate to the Dillon Dam Brewery.

Liz sent us five excellent examples of what ol’ Sandburg called that “synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits.” We already printed three, but here’s two more that got her a $15 Dillon Dam Brewery gift certificate:

My one true amour

How did I live before you

Little pup, Oscar

And …

Cheers to my fingers

Wrapped around a cold beer

Bliss brought to me lips

Our bigger winner today is Matt Grigaitis. Matt, too, sent us five haikus (did that sound like Dr. Seuss or what?). Anyway here’s three that had us merrily chortling.

Go to work Monday?

Is it snowing? 12 inches!

Oh my, I feel sick!

On the start of rifle season:

Fall in the Rockies

Watch for drunken hunters

Orange is the style

On the necessity of a high clearance vehicle:

On I-70

We ran over a dead deer.

No front-end damage!

Matt, stop by and pick up two – count ’em two – $15 gift certificates to the Dam.

And to all of you, make sure you tell the server you’re eating there because you’re an award-winning poet. Won’t that be fun?


We write way too many Scum Alerts!! about victims of hit-and-run dingers in the Wal-ly World parking lot (and other lots), so it was great to get this Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!

Flo wanted us to thank whoever found her American Express credit card in the parking lot and turned it in to a cashier. She’s visiting from Arizona and was very impressed with the honesty of this jack-at-a-pinch.

“It would have been easy to go on a shopping binge,” Flo said. “Thank you very much!”

We’re rolling back prices on karma just for this celestial Samaritan.


A quick Congrats! to Summit Up Land’s newest Colorado State University degree-holder. Erin Clark Gilchrist of Dillon earned a master’s in education and, we hope, will end up in a classroom doing some good somewhere.


We’ll gladly pay you Saturday for a Friday today, sirs and ladies. And we don’t really care if that makes no sense.

We’re out throwing snowballs at the moon …

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