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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column thinking we are going to see “television yelling” taken to a whole new level during the next few weeks.To explain, what we are referring to is the art of screaming at a television with the idea that you can influence the outcome of the program – something most often occurring during football games. Television yellers, you know who you are.

Recently, we’ve decided it should be a sport, because we’ve seen some pros. You’ve probably seen them too. Ya know, the ones who stare so intensely at the television it looks like they are in a trance. Then, as their team makes a break for the end zone, they jump up, yelling at the top of their lungs. And if the play fails, the heavy sigh in the room echoes throughout the walls and the fan looks as though someone just ran over their new puppy.We have some advice for these fans. … With football playoffs on the way you should be using this time to save your voice. Afterall, you are going to need your strength to critique plays, scream at players and advance call touchdowns.We wonder if the teams know how many coaches they truly have. These fans are convinced they do. We mean why else would they be yelling so angrily at an electronic box with no ears?

Just once we’d like to see a player yell back. Maybe something like, “If I so totally screwed up that play, why don’t you get out here and show me how it’s done?”We’re pretty sure that would put an end to the television yelling, temporarily. Now, just so we’re clear, we’re not to saying television yelling occurs only during football and other sports aired on T.V. A time or two, a really intense drama has caused us to voice our concerns for the welfare of a character who is being deceptively lured into a plot that will lead to the breakup of a marriage, friendship or destructive behavior. However, we don’t believe we could ever reach the serious level that occurs during football games.

So, as the games kick off this weekend, we challenge television yellers to control themselves. Actually, no, scratch that … We challenge you to go for the gold and become the living room champion in television yelling.***We out, developing voice exercises to help coach football fans.

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