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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column not afraid to ride the pine so that someone else may step to the plate and knock it out of the park.

Today’s guest columnist: recent arrival Adam P. Barr. He writes:

“In a new world of majestic mountains and left culture, I am making efforts to blend and assimilate into the Rockies society. Summit County, my new home, far from the flatlands I hail from, is tranquil and is fueling my hopes of new ideas and artistic originality.”

“Leaving warm weather and the southern twang has been an interesting experience.”

“Being constantly recognized as an outsider by my own twang is an occurrence of hilarity.”

“I never thought my ‘y’all’ could be endearing, however, it has seemed to be to this point.”

“I made the migration here recently and have found open arms of understanding and hospitality. The culture is different, but, what might one expect when moving to a dissimilar terrain and 1,000 miles from home?”

“I think the elevation and vistas bring an idealistic attitude that warrants a more free-thinking culture, which was the precise reason for my move. A fresh perspective always incubates new ideas.”

“I have chosen Breckenridge as my new residence and plan to stay a while. The people of the town have assisted me at every turn giving advice and guidance to no end. From the banker at Wells Fargo to bartenders at various restaurants, I have been helped immensely in my struggles to adapt.”

“Though I still eat alone, I know the nice people of ‘Breck’ will let me further submerse myself in their society with time.”

Volunteering in this community is unbelievable. It is here you weigh a community’s worth, by its willingness to lift up. I have never seen so much selflessness in such a small community at this volume and I hope to get involved soon.

“The job hunt here was interesting and gave me insight into my intrinsic value to the community or lack thereof, but I am a work in progress. I managed to acquire a position with one of the property managers in town and have started breeding success by its all-time originator, ‘hard work.'”

“Soon things will come into place and the little things that irritate will subside.”

“Speaking of irritants, I know I drive slow but please give me time to acclimate myself to the driving conditions. And people walking along Main Street, please quit faking me out at the crosswalks. I would rather not stop for nobody to cross.”

” ‘The school of hard knocks,’ a school with which many are familiar, has been in session.”

I know a few new things now:

1. Snow tires are a must when driving an eco-friendly Civic … I got stuck in my own driveway.

2. When walking on ice, quit looking at the mountains and pay attention to your footing or YOU WILL SLIP AND FALL.

3. An ice scraper and -20 degree fluid is a must or you will have inoperative windshield washer function and frequent stops to service stations.

Glad to have you, Adam.


We out, resting.

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