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In this combo picture, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, with holes on his socks, is seen as he leaves from the Ottoman era Selimiye mosque in Edirne, western Turkey, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007. Wolfowitz was in turkey for a-two-day official visit. (AP Photo/Nadir Alp/Anatolia) ** TURKEY OUT **

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has a new motto: Fresh socks, every day. We hope World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz is a loyal Summit Up reader. He could use a few lessons from our daily ramblings based on the state of his foot coverings in a Turkish mosque recently.

Really, all it takes is a little forethought. If you’re going to a mosque, it’s assumed that footwear will not be worn. We wish Wolfowitz’s title followed him into public appearances, because his holey faux-pas didn’t look so great for his wardrobe, especially in a holy place. The suit doesn’t make the man, but undarned socks sure can bring a man’s fashion sense and general aura of worldliness down a few notches.

Our daily ritual involves clean, fresh underwear every day in case we’re faced with an emergency where someone would see what’s under our many outer layers. The best examples we’ve seen to illustrate the importance of our point involve blustery days and short skirts, but as one Summit Up correspondent put it, “you never know when you’re going to be run over by a bus.” Right. We don’t think about that one when choosing undergarments, but we suppose that yes, if we were run over by a bus, there would be a medical stranger viewing our undergarments at some point during our recovery.

So now we ask this question: What else is in Wolfowitz’ under-there wardrobe? Is the elastic loose on his underwear? Are there pit stains on his undershirt? Does he wear boxers or briefs, or no underwear at all? We hope Wolfowitz never attends a ceremony where he has to take off more than shoes.

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