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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column swimming in a gooey pool of consciousness creations, a subatomic reality.

We dove into the quantum physics DVD package, “What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole”) that our friend recently ordered at Borders in Dillon, and the possibilities are apparently endless …

If you play the DVD on “Quantum” mode, it works like any shuffle function for music players except with subsections and clips from each interview and aspect of the original film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”

We are somewhat impressed by this function and would definitely like to incorporate it into a couple of our own personal projects. For example, we would like to take all of our best experiences on planet Earth in during our personal human existence ” fabulous meals, powder days, waterfalls, every moment of genuine laughter and delight, halfpipe glory, all of that beautiful music we drummed on our desks, strummed on our strings, spun on our decks, and sang in the shower but never had the equipment around at the time to record ” and cycle through them when we are having “bad” times.

In the spirit of infinite possibilities, we’ll attempt to conceive a better dream now and say that we’d like to run through a cycle of all of the best experiences that have ever occurred to anyone, ever.

Yes, maybe we’re riding dinosaurs on Poseiden’s island in Atlantis. We’re definitely riding a 25-foot wave on a warm summer day, and we’re totally not gonna wipeout. We’re pulling a switch 1260 at the X Games. We’re on a date with all of our favorite hotties at the same time and it’s going great. We’re inventing wonderful technology, curing the most horrible diseases, feeding the hungriest people and solving global conflict.

It’s great to be so marvelously mystical, but then again, it’s fantastical and unbelievable. And since we’re not quite prepared to take flight from a reality we feel we’ve learned enough about to care for and make positive differences in, we’re going to be satisfied with an unknowable future, and we’ll always have our continuing quest to develop the greatest life of all-time.


We’re out, flying in our dreams and savoring our reality.

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