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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is sending out random birthday wishes to people based on automatic email alerts we are getting from our computer. It’s always annoyed us to think that our computers may be smarter than we are, and now we’re pretty sure that’s the case.

Here’s the deal. We have a program called Plaxo that’s meant to update our email address book whilst we spend the night in pleasant slumber, so that if we feel the sudden urge, upon waking, to share our favorite macaroni and cheese recipe with the world electronically, it all goes smoothly, without any cyber-glitches. So far so good. But it turns out that this nifty program not only updates contact info, but also tracks people’s birthdays, so that we recently got a message saying, “Attention, Tonya Poole’s birthday is coming up in 10 days.” Then we were, of course, invited to create an electronic greeting card and send it to Tonya. Problem is, we don’t remember who this person is, and we’re not sure how much a birthday greeting would be appreciated. And we’re also thinking that, if we are getting updates on birthdays of people in our electronic address book, that probably means they are also getting updates on our birthdays. Well that sent us scurrying to our keyboard to see who all might be getting that info. We’re not at all sure that we want everyone in our address book to know when our birthday is.

But be that as it may, we want to hereby send out a hearty Happy Birthday!! to Tonya, wherever you may be, and know that if we could send you a birthday gift, it would be a batch of sea monkeys. Why sea monkeys, you may ask? Well, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, for one thing. And we just think they are downright cool. Think about it. It’s like being a life-giving god. You take a little pouch, pour it into a vat of water, and – presto – Instant life! Aaah, if only it were really that easy. We failed miserably in our last attempt to hatch a batch that we got for Christmas, but luckily the company promises to replace the eggs for free ($3.99 shipping and handling) so we are going to try again. We checked out the website ( and see that the latest version of sea monkeys has been genetically modified to grow larger than ever before, which is great because we remember not being ever able to really see the little critters the first time around, and we’re anxious to know if they really look like monkeys. We’ll keep ya posted, but in the meantime, feel free to chime in with your own sea monkey stories and memories at

***We out, appreciatively!

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