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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column mixing the dark with the light.As in, a mix of good news and bad.We start with a heartfelt “goodbye” to one local’s best friend:

“In memory of Taz the Dog:”I had to say goodbye to by best little friend, Taz, on 2/3/07. Thanks to L.A.P.S., Dr. Mark Cowan, the Beebe family and the Gothard family, I got 25 more months to spend with my little guy. He finally lost his battle with his intestinal cancer. I will greatly miss him. I will miss you and always remember you, Taz. Love, your mom, Nancy.”All the best to you, Nancy, Hang in there …

***On to an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! going out to the Red, White & Blue Fire Department in Breck. Carolyn Costanza wanted to let everyone know how the firefighters came to her family’s rescue after a wind storm blew down a tree and blocked their dead-end residential road. Shortly after she called local authorities, a team from RW&B showed up with chainsaws blazing and cut the tree into little bitty pieces.”This made me very proud to have such a great fire department and we should all be thankful for them,” Carolyn wrote. “This wasn’t an emergency but could have been if something had happened and we needed to get out in a hurry or if an emergency vehicle needed to get in.

“Again, our sincere thanks to our great RW&B Fire Department for their courteous and prompt service.”We’re with you 100 percent on this, Carolyn, and glad to know that our firefighters are on the job, no matter the weather.***We out, reflecting on our dual nature.

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