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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column explaining the obvious differences between living in America and living in Bulgaria.See, here in America, we have advertisements and bus schedules posted at bus stops, for your reading and observing pleasure.And in Bulgaria – at least in the town of Sofia – they play pornographic movies at bus stops for riders waiting for their bus to arrive. (Note the selective use of the word “arrive”.)No, this is for real.It seems the city-run bus company in the Bulgarian capital is showing dirty movies on monitors at bus stations after midnight there; a spokesperson for the company said they just want to “entertain” passengers while they wait for their ride.An ocean may separate us from Europe, folks, but this is further proof that the gulf of taste and common decency remains as wide as ever … at least in Bulgaria.***On to a tasteful, appreciative Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!, sent in by Suzanne:”A kind man has been clearing our driveways on North Fuller Placer Rd. after the plow comes by! I was standing at the top of my driveway a few weeks ago, when I saw this man in a truck with an attached plow clear the bottom of my driveway and then systematically clear the rest of the driveways to the south as far as I could see. He came from the north so he probably cleared the bottoms of the driveways along the street above us. He had a giant smile on his face! This week, once again, I noticed that the bottom of several driveways, including ours, had been cleared after the plow had been here. Thanks so much to this wonderful man! I will remember that wonderful smile!”***We recently wrote about the mystery and wonder of sea monkeys in this here space, prompting this response from Kristina in Breck:”Sea monkeys are the reason not to ride or walk through dried up potholes in Moab, lest you kill thousands of these amazing critters, called Fairy Shrimp or Triops. They change how we think about life. They can be dry indefinitely, even exposed to space, and re-animated by adding water. When dry, they have no metabolism, but they’re not dead. Just add water.Craig Childs’ outstanding book, “The Secret Knowledge of Water” has a wonderful section on the life in desert potholes. Nature writing usually puts me to sleep, but Childs writes about nature, adventure, and mystery. If you read this book, you’ll never take the easy route through the pothole again.”

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