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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column playing guitar in a wedding, and not so happy with the groom’s musical choice.See, from time to time, we take our skills out of the bar and into the church, where we tone back the belching and wailing and become a better example of humility. In fact, we’ve learned to mute the strings when we’re sitting in a church, because one little sneeze could send a faulty chord echoing off the pews. We’ve done it before, but that’s for another column.This time, we’ve been chosen to play in a friend’s wedding, and guess what the groom chose as the song to help accompany everyone’s departure from the sanctuary: Journey’s “Faithfully.” Now, it could be much worse, we know, but we thought we should share these lyrics. (And a little background: the groom owns a video production company, and the bride teaches software. You know. Usual stuff. Just two more casualties of the classic rock era.)So, here goes, in falsetto:”Highway run, into the midnight sun, wheels go round and round, you’re on my mind. Restless hearts sleep alone tonight. Sendin’ all my love along the wire. They say that the road ain’t no place to start a family. Right down the line. It’s been you and me … forever, faithfully.”Ok. Now, the ending is sweet and sincere, but holy hot cakes, the rest makes no sense in the context of a marriage. For now, as we rehearse, we’re imagining ourselves in a Massachusetts church hacking up a Journey song that’s more about a stretched marriage than dedicated love. Sigh. Will we receive curses from the minister? Will they edit us out of the video? We hope we’re not reading too much into this little gig. It’s just, Journey? Really? In a church?Sigh. Might as well wear that ol’ Journey T-shirt, too.***We have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from someone on the other side of the pass. It seems this person doesn’t like obscenities, but holds Tom Looby in high regard. “Thanks to Mr. Tom Looby for his help the night of Feb. 8. As a 20-something Vail local I must say I had a pretty poor impression of Summit County residents after meeting them on and off my home mountain. Being from a small town I am not use to the obscenity I have encountered thus far in your area and had a pretty poor perception – that is, until last night. I was driving along I-70 on my way home from shopping with my mother and ran into the back half of a deer that had been hit previously. It completely tore the back half of my skid plate off the car and after seeing my mother and I in distress at the Conoco Station, Mr. Looby helped us tape it back to the car so that we could make it home. I am so relieved that such a nice man would help us, when it seemed no one else would. It’s refreshing to have my views changed 180 degrees thanks to the kindness of one man!”

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