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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column sharing a story of – what else? – puppy love today in celebration of Valentine’s Day.We received this missive from Robin in Breckenridge, and we just couldn’t help but share for today’s special edition.Her title? “Love isn’t just for people”:In Summit County, like any small town, it takes times to make friends. We have so many visitors during our season that the small town is too busy to be personal. But if you have a dog, people and dogs become friends faster.I met John Avery because his dog Ginger crossed the dangerous street to come and play with Buddy, my puppy. They fell in love, and it grows every day.In the Boreas Pass area, in Breckenridge, the houses are spread apart with piles of snow separating the homes. No fences. Dogs are let out to play and they find each other. Doesn’t matter what color or breed – they become fast friends. Sharing toys and sticks, eating pine cones and wild rose hips, the dog world acclimates quickly to the climate and their surroundings, developing muscle tone from jumping and playing in the deep snow.

It does not take long for us humans to meet each other then. We exchange phone numbers, probably putting the name of the pet in our phones, arranging play dates for the dogs, which evolves into dinner or a hike with your neighbor. Ski and boarding dates start and before you know it, you find that you have so much in common. We live next door to each other, and our dogs depend on us to arrange play dates and the dog-sitting that they need. Ginger and Buddy had a sleepover at my house, because John went to a concert in Denver. It’s so neat … they adjusted right away, and slept together with Shilo the kitty-cat. They share their toys and play until they drop – just like us people. I thank the dog world for being so friendly up here. What a nice way to make friends.So, say hello and smile to someone you don’t know today … maybe you’ll make a new friend on Valentine’s Day!”Isn’t puppy love precious?***

We’ve got the perfect human Valentine’s Day Angel Alert!!! Here goes …Cindy works at Discount Carpet in Frisco, and she thinks the owners of that business – Brenda and Ward Lee – are truly angelic. She says, “Thank you for all that you do! You give and ask nothing in return – that’s what being an angel means to me!” Talking about Brenda, Cindy says, “She’s been my angel.”Awww, sweet. Not your typical romantic-type Valentine’s Day shout-out, but sweet nonetheless.***Sorry to do it, but we do have some scumminess to report.This Scum Alert!! comes from Jaye Kerr:

Sunday afternoon at the trailhead of Miners Creek Road and Rainbow Lake some loser busted the window out of one of three cars parked there.These scum bags did all this damage for an iPod!! They left the $450 phone. Go figure. I guess that’s what idiots do. The victims were visiting Frisco and went for a short hike up to Rainbow Lake. I felt fortunate that my car was not broken in to. It’s bothersome to think that this occurred at such a popular trailhead.Users beware of such scum and keep your valuables well hidden.”We hate continually writing about this crap, people …***We out, folks, searching desperately for a love match for our big buddy, Milo.

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