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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is incredibly fed up with being sick. Lately, it seems the coughs and sneezes are falling around us more often than snow on a sweet powder day.However, there is some good news – now we realize our true calling. We should be in the tissue-making business. We would design a tissue that kills germs on contact and provides an herbal scent that has the power to cure ailments instantly. We’re wishing for one of these right now, but since we don’t have one, we want to say it’s time for everyone in Summit County to kick these obnoxious congestion-creating culprits out of the area!!! We’re declaring war on evil germs.

***And now that we got that out, we need to beg some assistance from the residents of Summit County. See, Oaklee is a beautiful dog that needs a loving and special home.Cindi writes, “Hi there, Sweet Oaklee (pictured somewhere on this page) needs a special person to provide a home for her. She is an 8-year-old doberman who has incurable (we believe) urinary incontinence. This condition has made it very difficult for her family to keep her as they have two young children now and a home daycare. Oaklee has some new diapers called piddle pants that help to keep them on. I know there is someone out there who can deal with her special need. She is still full of life and happy – it is just not her time to go.” Anyone interested should call Cindi, (970) 445-8414.

***Next, we received an e-mail from someone calling themselves “Entertained Daily” who takes serious issue with the roundabout in Breck.”Commuting through the Breckenridge traffic circle everyday is a real entertaining experience. Having moved here 15 years ago from South Jersey, the state that has successfully merged three divided highways into a circle and had it work beautifully, I can only guess what the idiots that designed this one were thinking. The obvious problem? It’s just too small in diameter to function as designed. I have seen all manner of near misses and just plain stupid acts committed there. Some people just don’t understand the concept of a traffic circle/rotary and will be victims no matter what signage exists, like that meaningless ‘one way’ arrow for instance.

“The biggest problem, however, is the northbound Main Street approach that becomes two lanes and continues as two lanes following Rte. 9 north. I realize that the right lane is awkwardly tilted and poorly designed, but if you enter the circle in the right lane, STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT! The same applies to the left lane. I can understand some confusion if the road is snow packed and the lane markings hidden, but use a little common sense people. If it becomes two lanes before you enter it, you can pretty much bet that it’s the main thoroughfare and will remain two lanes. If you can’t keep your vehicle in the right lane because of that awkward tilt, use the left lane approach. Whatever lane you prefer, STAY IN IT! Juggling a Starbucks and a snack bar while you try to negotiate the right lane is no excuse for nearly sideswiping the vehicle on your left. And by the way, I’m sure all the local body shops are thoroughly enjoying the extra business this year and still can’t wipe the grin off their faces.”Phew! That was quite a rant.***We out, sniffling the day away.

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