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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is so excited it’s March.This is our favorite month, mainly because it means we will soon be celebrating our birthday. However, this year we are making some changes. You see, our birthday is St. Patrick’s Day and we are tired of dealing with drunken fools. Last year someone threw up on our feet, and the year before that the horrors that occurred are unmentionable.So, to avoid any catastrophes caused by the crazies that think our birthday is a drinking holiday and an excuse to be obnoxious, we are rewriting history (sorry mom) and having our birthday a week early. It is kind of a bittersweet decision.Growing up we loved having our birthday on St. Patty’s Day (and yes, this holiday is the same day every year – something we are frequently asked). As a kid it meant we were having green pancakes and searching for leprechaun money hidden in tiny pots of gold around our house. We had green hats and watched “Darby O’Gill and the Little People.” It was so much fun!Then we got older. And while we must admit that during our 21st and 22nd birthdays we enjoyed the insanity of attending a St. Patty’s Day celebration in Savannah, Ga., after that it started to get old. Now, we’ve decided to never again go out on this holiday. It’s too much, and the last few years have proved having this birthday does not make us lucky. It means we should hide from the rest of the world until the day passes. We are a bit sad about this, but it is certainly a necessary change to our life. And even still, we are still jumping for joy that it is March. Yippee. Happy March 1st. ***And now, moving on, Tracy Bowlby offers up this Scum Alert!!! … “On Monday, Feb. 26 at 11:50 a.m., I was approaching the roundabout and was hit from behind in my car. There were too many cars coming and going to stop, so I decided to go through the roundabout and pull over at a safe place to collect his information. It looked like he was following me until I got out of my car and he decided to drive off! His car was so dirty that I did not get the make of his car or his license plate. Do you realize that a ‘hit and run’ is a felony? Come on … be responsible!”That dang Breck roundabout, once again in people’s crosshairs …***We out, still entertaining visitors.

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