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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s realized mud season is officially here.We know it’s still snowing like it’s January and the Basin’s season is still goin’ strong, but as we gallivanted around Breckenridge one recent night, we felt like we had taken our time machine (yes, of course we have one) back to the days following the collapse of the mining industry.A tumbleweed blew down Main Street as we flitted from bar to bar around the witching hour. Barstools were empty save for the few locals who hadn’t yet fled to Mexico or Utah to thaw out from the long winter. People are always talking about how shoulder season is getting slimmer and slimmer around Summit Up Land, and we believe them, but boy did it seem like we were the last souls on earth out there. Trust us, we aren’t complaining. Even though the trails aren’t nearly close to being dry and we never know if it’s going to be snowing, raining, sleeting, sunny or cloudy each minute of the day, we truly enjoy the peace and quiet around here. ***Chris Hoover of Breckenridge sent us this little factoid, which he took as an insult to his freedom as a U.S. citizen: You cannot mail anything through the post office inside a box with an alcoholic label on it.He told us about a recent exchange that presumably took place at the post office.Hoover wrote: “I … informed him there was simply a jacket inside it, he said it doesn’t matter it’s the ‘law.’ I then asked him, ‘Since when?’ Then one of the two middle-aged woman clerks rudely interrupted our conversation and told me “since 9/11,” and if you have a problem with it you should write your congressmen.” He continued: “This instance disgusts me for many reasons, the main one being the way I was treated, the second one is just as important and that is that people in America no longer can think for themselves, or they have been brainwashed into not thinking for themselves. Most people simply go along with anything and everything the government tells us is the law. There was a time when people would question things, things that simply don’t seem to be in the best interest of the masses, or things that simply don’t make sense. To me it just does not make sense that I couldn’t mail a jacket in a box with a certain kind of label on it. If the first clerk had physically weighed the box, it would have been very obvious that there was no alcohol in the box, but hey this is America … just do as your told … to me that doesn’t sound much like a Democracy, does it to you?”We encourage Chris to write his congressman about this. But don’t take it out on the postal clerks. They’re just doing their jobs …***It’s Saturday … we’re out dusting off our bicycles. Yee haw!

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