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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column blowing dandelion seeds until it’s blue in the face. We’ve decided to make dandelion-seed-blowing our official early summer pastime, along with drowning worms, that is (more on that later). We like dandelion-seed-blowing because it’s generally non-competitive, although when we’re hanging out with our 9-year-old offspring, it does become a question of who can get rid of all the seeds first, who can pick and blow the most dandelions within 30 seconds, etc. But that’s OK, and if someone ever forms a professional dandelion seed-blowers league, we’ll be good to go. In our minds, this is more fun than bowling, and you get to be outside instead of stuck in a dingy neon-lit basement that smells like stale beer and shoe deodorizer (sorry, all you bowlers out there).

Plus, we like the aerobic workout from bending down to pick the seed heads, not to mention the great head rush that comes from doing these rapid-fire squats, then pursing our lips and exhaling as if our lives depended on it. Which it might. You see, we sometimes do forget to breathe these days, what with all that’s going on; big riots at the G8 summit, the Rockies mired in last place … we’re telling ya, life’s not all peaches and cream, except for our local school kids, who have just started summer vacation, so everything is copasetic if you’re, say, age 18 or less. Ahhh, to be worry-free and barefoot once again. Say, we wonder if we recapture some of that magic by running barefoot through some dandelion fields and maybe opening up a lemonade stand on our street here in the neighborhood? Could be a little supplemental income and we’d get to meet the neighbors a little more than we do at the moment. Hmmm, maybe an espresso stand in the morning, lemonade in the afternoon?

And what about those riots? Just when Bush finally sees the light on global warming, and it’s looking like he’s going to take it seriously and work collaboratively with the rest of the world to tackle this challenge, we have a bunch of wannabe anti-globalization anarchists roaming the streets in Germany, raising a ruckus and generally mucking things up. Why now, we ask?And notice how we managed to stay away from using the word, “havoc?” We see this word used all the time and have decided that it’s totally over-used, as in, “snowstorm causes havoc on highways.” We wonder if the people who use the word in this sense have ever even cracked open a dictionary? Havoc is a serious word, Shakespearean, even, and should be reserved for use in only the most And what happened with Bush?

He must have had a dream like we keep having, where we wake up with our eyeballs on fire, and look out over parched earth, scorched trees, fish gasping their last breaths in scummy little ponds, like the Humming Fish and Swomee Swans in that old D. Seuss classic, the Lorax. Maybe he finally read that book, or maybe the First Lady has been giving him a stern talking-too. Whatever the reason, we’re stoked about this turn of events, although we know that the last few global warming skeptics are probably going to be fairly disappointed.So, back to our dandelion pursuits. We love the perfect symmetry of dandelions to begin with, so mandala-like and bright, especially when gathered together in grand hordes. We recently saw some especially lovely examples of this down along the Lower Blue recently, with vast expanses of bright-green pastures tinged with that intense sunny golden glow tilting up the flanks of the Gore Range … We ask you, how could anyone not like dandelions?

We just don’t understand the all-out war against these lovely flowers. It’s just a mindset thing, we think …***E-mail us at We’re out smelling the roses …E-mail us at We’re out smelling the roses …

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