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For the love of snow: A group of locals braved the 1.5-hour hike from the base of Peak 9 to Fourth of July Bowl last year to get early-morning slush turns. Was it worth it? Go find out.
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the World’s only daily column calling out, “LEFT! LEFT!” on the bike bath today. We are calling out because that is the proper thing to do when passing fellow walkers, joggers and bikers on our wonderful paved recpaths here in Summit County. We thought we would brush everyone up on proper bike path etiquette and share this e-mail we received earlier in the week.One Summit Up reader writes: Now that we’re in the midst of summer, and a busy Summit County holiday weekend, it is apropos to remind both visitors and locals about etiquette on the Summit County recreation paths. While walking on the Summit County recreation path near Dillon Dam today a friendly visitor stopped after passing me to tell me that when some calls out “on your left” it is a command for anyone in front of the caller to move to the right in a single-file fashion. I was too dumbfounded to explain to this welcome visitor that “on your left” is simply a courteous signal one gives before passing others on the recpath. Here are the few common sense tips to from the Summit County Recreation Path Etiquette poster to help ensure everyone can enjoy the recreation path:•Obey all traffic signs, signals and pavement markings.•Travel at a reasonable and safe speed, and in no event faster than 25 miles per hour.

•Signal other users before passing them.•Control dogs by 6-foot leash at all times.•It is common courtesy, and County law, to remove all pet waste from the pathway surface and surrounding areas.•To prevent collisions and allow uninterrupted travel, pull off along the pathway shoulder when stopping. Do not stop on, or obstruct, the pathway.•Travel on the right side of the pathway unless you are passing others. Pass only when the pathway is clear and unobstructed by other users.•Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the pathway except where posted. •In the event of an emergency, CALL 911.

Here is the web address for the Summit County Recreation Path Etiquette poster:[ Page/Recpath etiquette.***We’re moving on and before we get in any more hot water, metaphorical or otherwise, and we do have a few words about mopping, and more specifically about the profusion of supposedly high-tech mop heads, with little nozzles that squirt cleaner while you go, etc.Millions of Summit Up Readers: “Yaaaaawn! What page are those two-for-one ads on again?”Summit Up: “But wait, this is important cultural and sociological stuff. You’re about to reject enlightenment in favor of reading the funnies?”MSUR: “Yeah, right we’ve heard it before. We really just wanna move on and check out the Rockies score. We never use mops anyway.”

SU: “OK, we’ll make it short. We keep seeing these ads for Swiffer swoopers, or whatever, supposedly the latest and greatest in home cleaning technology. Every few weeks they’re touting a new mop head on TV, each better than the last, and always totally incompatible with previous models. We just want to say that these things are all totally worthless. Don’t let yourself be fooled, people! Whatever they say, the thing will be gummed up with hardened and crusted dirt after the first time you use it, and every time after that, all you will be doing is smearing the day-one dirt around.”MSUR: “So what’s the meaningful part?” SU: “Well, we all say we desire cleanliness, but really, it’s all just about appearances, and the desire to own the latest household gadget, whether it’s a mop or a glow-in-the-dark screwdriver. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT fall into this trap. Repent, head down to the old organic goods store and grab yourself a good old-fashioned hemp mop that can be washed out. You won’t be sorry!”MSUR: “Are you done? Can we turn the page?”We are.***We out, on the left!

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