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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column thanking the heavens for the fresh snow over the weekend and selfishly asking for more.

Our recent comments on driving during the winter got some people talking and we thought we would share their views with you.

Linda sent over to us a short list for the freshman crowd and even for some long-time residents on how easy it can be to drive in the winter in Summit. Just follow these and it could make driving a bit easier for you and others.

1. Clear snow from ALL windows before you start driving.

2. Clear snow from headlights and wash them after each ducky drive.

3. Use your headlights if it is snowing.

4. Use your flashers if it is REALLY snowing.

5. Get decent tires.

6. Don’t do anything sudden … take your time at corners, lights and on the highway.

7. Don’t tailgate.

8. Slow and steady is the best on side roads and on the interstate.

9. and finally … BE POLITE.

Some pretty good advice, we feel.

Vernon also had some comments that he wrote in with and offered some advice to help us with our dilemma:

My response to your comparison of Midwest and mountain snow plowing is a couple questions to ask you. “Why do the roads have to be plowed to pavement during or right after the storm?”

“Why do chemicals have to be so heavily used to keep the roads clear?”

The answer is that CDOT, has the impression that the public demands it. And why is that you say? (the soap box comes out of the closet and I climb up on it) I think people are just in too big of a hurry these days. Instant gratification is rampant. Citification (people from cities moving to rural areas and bringing their city values and lifestyles) of our county has happened. Everyone thinks they to drive at their usual speed of 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, even if there is snow on the road, then complain because they get into a traffic jam, slow down because some idiot was driving too fast for conditions, and slid off the road and closed two lanes of traffic. I think that the roads should be cleared of snow but not have to be down to pavement until 24 hours after the snow stops. People should just expect to have to slow down on snow packed roads. If they are driving too fast for conditions and slide off the road they should get a ticket for reckless driving. (get off the soap box and put it back in the closet)

In answer to your question get some studded snow tires which will help a rear wheel drive car along with the additional weight. You will have to change tires come spring and may be able to store them and use them again next winter. This is a lot cheaper than replacing a wrecked car. Or, buy some chains and know how to put them on.

And the biggest thing is just slow down.

Thanks Vernon. We will take your suggestions and use them to the best of our ability.


We out getting our tires some studs.

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