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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to report on some home improvement activities, Summit Up style. By that we mean brilliant improvisation, creativity and seat-of-the-pants innovation. You see, we think of Summit Up as the printed equivalent of jazz music, whereby we don’t work from a script or from notes. No indeed, we simply write things down as they pop into our heads, word for word, and sometimes letter for letter, until in the end, we have completed a riff that can set your eyebrows on fire and make your toenails tingle, sort of like Miles Davis at his best.OK, OK, maybe not Miles Davis, but Charlie Parker, anyway. So today’s riff includes a contemplation of cosmic bubbles, late night rock music and, as we mentioned, home improvement.But first we need to hand out a set of Angel Wings and a major Angel Alert!! to an anonymous Good Samaritan who performed of those random acts of kindness that makes the world a better place. Patricia wrote in with the following: “I would like to say thank you for the person who stopped to help me after a bike accident this summer. We started down the ‘Vail bike trail’ at about 4 p.m. and it started pouring rain shortly after. I had not taken the trail and didn’t know of the sharp hair pin turn that was coming up and went head first off a cliff, rolling a few dozen times and landing up against a tree. After coming to and screaming for about 10 minutes a man stopped to help. He called 911 and covered me from the rain with his jacket. I broke five bones in my back, one in my foot, dislocated my wrist, collasped a lung and had a major concussion. Thanks to my guardian angel who came down the trail at the right time.”We know Summit County is full of kind and caring people just like this, and it makes us proud to live here and be part of it. Let’s keep it going, people.So now we move on to cosmic bubbles, which apparently involves applying hairspray to some sort of (hopefully) nonflammable surface in a circular pattern and then igniting it. We are going to say right off the bat that we don’t recommend trying this at home. In fact, we don’t recommend trying it anywhere, and we’re sure our local fire officials would agree. But our curiosity sure was piqued when we heard about this, and we’re thinking that, in the right setting, with the proper safety precautions, it could become a legitimate form of expression. We are definitely into performance art, and it sounds like the “cosmic bubbles” routine could be a good gig at the Burning Man festival. But we just can’t get this out of our heads and will be looking for a safe way to experiment. Any input and safety tips on the fine art of cosmic bubbling would be appreciated very much We heard about this as we enjoying a late-night giggle fest while listening to KBCO’s Groove Show Sunday night. The first weird thing about this was that we were able to get really good radio reception on a little portable stereo hidden deep in our bat cave, even though we have a hard time picking up this station in other spots around the county. Must be the kryptonite stalactites in our cave helping to fine-tune the signal. Oh, no … wait a minute, kryptonite is Superman’s deal.Anyhow, we heard a couple of songs that we wanted to mention, just because the lyrics cracked us up and also made us think. The first is called Too Many Puppies, by Primus, with lines like “Too many puppies with guns in their hands … ” We checked out the words online and it turns out this song is a powerful social and antiwar statement and we think it rocks!The second song that caught our attention was called “Your Party,” by Ween, with the refrain, “We had the best time at your party; The wife and I thank you very much … ” For some reason, this made us giggle harder than ever, until we had tears streaming down our face, and we just wanted to send out some props to this radio station for playing some offbeat thought-provoking tunes.This is probably not a big deal to some of our more progressive readers out there, who are probably saying, “What the … we KNOW Primus is cool, we KNOW Ween rocks.”But for us, being a bit on the old fogeyish side of the musical scale, let’s just say it was an ear-opening experience, and we want to thank a special young-at-heart someone for turning us on to this show. We can hardly wait ’til next Sunday!And in case you’re still reading and wondering about our home improvement project, let’s just say it involved black poster board and red taffeta curtains that are touted to block out 98 percent of daylight. You see, we are trying to light-proof our bedroom/bat cave because of a recent news item about how night shift workers may be more prone to cancer because of interruptions to their normal sleep schedule and thereby the production of melatonin. Part of the solution, we learned, is to turn day into night, so we had to cover up a weird hexagonal window in the master bedroom with that poster board, turning rectangles into hexagons with nothing more than a ruler, Scotch tape, a pair of scissors and geometrical intuition. Kind of took us back to our kindergarten days and made us realize how important and even life-saving those basic pre-school skills can be.***We out, removing lightbulbs.

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