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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column asking everyone to learn how to get on a ski lift prior to unsuccessfully trying and causing the lift to stop.

We understand that with all that gear it can be a bit difficult to get around, especially with the hoards of people watching and the slippery stuff under foot. However, it is really as simple as paying attention, sliding forward and sitting down. Ski lift manufacturers have streamlined the process of loading onto a lift so much that it is pretty much automated. From the lift operators guiding you through the corral, to the gate that lets you know when to move forward. Then the yellow line that shows you where to stop and eventually the detachable chair that actually slows to a crawl to allow you to sit you rump down on a padded seat. It really is easy and if you pay attention for just a moment, you’ll soon be swept off to the top of the mountain without holding up everyone in the line.

We sometimes think that a lesson should be required prior to getting in line in order to make sure you understand how to load a lift properly. But we understand that the feasibility of that working in a timely manner would not happen. So we request that everyone who does understand the intricate workings of the lift line, give a helping hand to those around you so that we can all get in a couple more turns each day and see the lift stop a few less times this winter.

Now, if you are at one of the old-school lifts with one or two of your close friends, it may not be as easy as the new lift systems in place at many resorts. However most of these fixed grip chairs are not at the base, so if you get to one and can’t get on, you should probably continue downhill and wait till you go with a buddy who can guide you through your first experience of the chair that does not slow.

These ones can be tricky and timing is everything, especially if the pole holding the chair to the line is in the center. You and your riding mate, need to be coordinated and there is no room for error, or else you’ll end up on your face with a line of experienced riders chuckling under their breath.

So, to wrap it up, know your limits and ask if you are unsure. You will save yourself some embarrassment and please everyone else in line if you sit clean on the seat that brings you to more turns.


We have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from our good friend Jerry Bird who would like to recommend some angel wings for Larry the Cable Guy. Jerry says, that while in Olympia, Wash., Larry called our guy Rich, recovering from his war wounds, and invited him to his concert. Larry sent a limo, a back stage pass, dinner and the works for Rich. This is one classy guy and we think people should know there are some great celebs still out there.

We agree with you Jerry and not only is he a class act, but he is a funny guy to boot.


We out on this wintery Monday giving a helping hand to those who are timid when approaching a moving chair.

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