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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column lamenting our daily duties again today.

That’s ’cause we’ve got another rather heinous Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! to report, this one courtesy of Mark, a manager at the 7-11 in Frisco.

Mark sadly made the mistake of thinking a locked trailer with two ATVs atop would be safe in a parking spot behind the store.

Yet on Thursday or Friday, he estimates, some low-life drove off with the package of off-road delights.

So lame …

Anyway, it was a side-by-side trailer, with two Honda ATVs with Cabela covers, we hear.

So ” once again ” we ask that the booty be returned to the 7-11 ASAP, or if you know anything about the incident, give Mark a ring at (303) 818-0317.

Enough of this, people …


In case you hadn’t noticed, Ullr is in the house, and while he was obviously in a good mood last week, he’s not totally happy.

We ran into him up at the top of the Lenawee Chair at A-Basin over the weekend. It was a summit meeting of sorts.

Jack Frost was on-hand as well, and we definitely heard the pair of them grumbling a bit about the fact that ‘Zuma Bowl is officially in-bounds terrain and no longer available as backcountry.

To be fair, we also heard the Bearded One say he was looking forward to riding the new chair in the bowl when it opens, but he was definitely lamenting the fact that all that powder was just sitting there, untracked and inaccessible to mere mortals at this point.

“I lay it down, all across the Colorado mountains, powder to the people and all that, and what do they do?

They rope it off. Just doesn’t seem right.

This is PUBLIC land,” the big fella said in a pained voice, before turning his back and ripping a sweet line down Lenawee Face and disappearing into the Cabin Glades.

We caught up with him and tried to calm him down, telling him there’s still plenty of killer backcountry left, along with some nifty new access points up at The Legend, and managed to assuage him a bit, so that he promised he wouldn’t forget about us the rest of the winter.

But he did ask us to respect the fact that the mountains were made for everyone.

So it goes, folks, and the same thing is likely to happen on Peak 6 at Breckenridge in the next few years, and we’re NOT taking sides here, we’re just sayin’ …


We got an anonymous Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! on Monday morning from a young lady who called us and left this message:

“I’ve been in the county since 1994 and I thought I had learned all my lessons in driving in the snow, but I must have been delirious this morning from all the fresh powder and thinking about getting my dog out in the snow, and I tried to get down two little tracks near the Whispering Pines Trailhead.

Of course I got myself stuck.

There was a young lady with her dog ” it was a husky named Chinook ” who offered to help and she kind of stuck around and I said I thought I could get out, but she waited and said, ‘I’m not leaving until you get out safe.’

I got two-thirds out of the way when these two gentlemen followed me through the parking lot while the young lady stopped and called her dad and brother.

Between all of them, I finally got out of the snow. I was very embarrassed. I wish I was rich so I could give them gobs of money.

But I wish them all the very best, and if I ever can repay them, I will.”


We out, dutifully …

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