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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column on a mission to find a Flux Capacitor because that is our latest solution to the Interstate 70 drama.We couldn’t help but think about this during our recent trips to Denver. The road was ridiculously treacherous. And while we know this is nothing new for anyone who has traveled it, we are still amazed. Does anyone know how to reach Doc Brown from “Back to the Future”?***

Now, just because we are in need of a pick-me-up, we feel like sharing some puns from the website “Pun of the day.” These ones got some of the top ratings this month. We enjoyed them and hope you will too.• “No one wanted to see the naked banana. I guess it just lacked appeal!”• “The skunk is an animal of distinktion.”• “The unveiling of the statue was a monumental occasion.”***

Next up, ’tis the season… we have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!.Kristen who works at Ten Peaks Sotheby’s International Realty sent in the following message.”This is the nicest thing I’ve witnessed in a long time. A woman came into our office yesterday morning and told me she’d gotten her car stuck in the snow bank across the street. I went out with her to see if maybe we could free it by pushing. Well, it was more stuck than she thought it was and we couldn’t get it out. Just as we were trying, a man pulled up in a flat-bed tow truck. Seeing that it couldn’t be pushed out, he backed his truck up, hooked her car up to his tow chain and proceeded to pull the car out of the bank. All he asked in return was that we recommend him to our friends. I thought it was a kind and generous gesture, so I think he deserves to be more widely recognized. Please put Andy Faulkner of Discount Towing & Recovery in Breckenridge in your Angel Alert.”***Moving on, the moose photos on this page taken Wednesday are courtesy of Bill Linfield. Apparently, this is the resident moose up at Three Peaks. Awesome shots, Bill. We are incredibly jealous because we have yet to see a moose around here. Thanks for sharing this with us.

***And we have more news from Peru. We’d like to sing praises to alpacas, specifically the alpaca or alpacas who gave up some of their fluffy fleece that was spun into wool that was knit into a fine beenie. Word has it that the spinning was done high in the Andes, in a secret cave by a gaggle of Quechua shamans chewing on coca leaves while listening to some soul-stirring Andean flute music and conjuring visions of leopards, eagles and giant pythons. We think this is why our new beenie – which was hand-delivered to us by the most amazing person we know – is so special. We never thought such a thin little piece of wool could be so warm, and we’re sure there is some sort of magical charm at work here.Whew, we’re starting to feel like Herb Caen here, jumping from riff to riff, touching on each subject just long enough to make it feel like a linguistic cha-cha. And in case you’ve never heard of Herb Caen, he was the dean of three-dot journalism, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle and honored with a Pulitzer Prize in 1996 “for his extraordinary and continuing contribution as a voice and conscience of his city.”***We out, trying to get our life in check.

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