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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column wrapping up a frenzy of Christmas preparations by hand-delivering batches of chocolate-dipped pretzels to all our friends, colleagues and neighbors. Heck, weve got so many pretzels that we may just have to stand on the street corner and hand them out to random passers-by so we dont end up eating them all ourselves. Millions of Summit Up Readers: Did you say chocolate-dipped pretzels? Mmmm, we want some. Sign us up!Yes, weve got plenty to go around, so swing by the Summit Up Corporate Suites anytime, only dont forget to wear your Santa hat.MSUR: But what if we dont have a Santa hat? Can we still get some pretzels?Oh, all right, seeing as how theres no way were going to be able to finish these by Christmas, or even New Years, without some help. But it would really be cool if everybody could get into the spirit of the season by at least wearing a Frosty the Snowman tie, some snowflake earrings, or those pointy-toed elf shoes we LOVE those, especially if they have bells on em! Yes indeed, we are talking about chocolate-covered pretzels drizzled with white vanilla frosting and doused with rainbow sparkles; vanilla-covered pretzels decorated with chocolate swirls, and with red and green sparkles and icing. Were talking Christmas cookies in all sizes and shapes covered with Red-Hots and Dots, and M&Ms, and chocolate-covered marshmallows you name it, we got it, more sugar than you can shake a stick at and a house that smells oh-so-sweet. No doubt, Willy Wonka would feel right at home at our humble abode.Oh! And we nearly forgot about the coolest gingerbread house ever, a whimsical and slightly psychedelic chalet complete with a Paul Bunyanesque ski figurine and a Hawaiian Hula girl shaking her grass skirt near a candy cane bonfire, pictured somewhere on this page. This got us thinking about how wed like to see pictures of other gingerbread houses out there. So wed like to encourage all our readers to send in photos of their own creations. We think it would be swell to have a little seasonal contest, and we promise to lavish fabulous prizes (a box of chocolate-covered pretzels) for the most creative gingerbread house photo that we receive. So go for glory and send your entry to by Dec. 23.The staffer who was involved in this epic holiday project also wants to tell you more about these pretzels, and more importantly, about the person who made them. In fact, this could be considered an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! of sorts, with a dandy set of wings and an extra-bright halo going out to our staffers girlfriend, who toiled in the kitchen for days to make pretzels for the world. Were tempted to name names, but in the spirit of Summit Up, were just going to have to say that we think this person rocks, in the true spirit of Christmas. After she pulled all that Christmas magic out of her Santa hat, she still had the patience the other day to put up with a couple of 9-year-old boys on a sugar high, coaching them in the fine art of cookie decorating. And not only that, but she loves our staffers dog as much as we do! What else can we say? MSUR: Tell us, tell us!OK. For the record, she can pitch a tent at 2 a.m. in complete darkness, and enjoys drinking coffee while camped in the sand dunes, even if there is sand in her coffee cup. She can shimmy with best of them at Cecilias until the house lights come on, and she can chug car bombs and devour a pack of salt and vinegar chips without blinking an eye. Why just the other night during a hot date at the Cala, our staffer got what could be the ultimate compliment from one of the resident barflies, who said, Gee, I wish I could find a woman who enjoys drinking beer and eating chips!Were pretty sure thats a compliment, at least well take it as such. And in any case, we can tell from the sometimes-glazed look in his eyes that our staffer knows he is pretty much the luckiest guy in the world and that he is absolutely, head-over-heels crazy about his gal. It wouldnt surprise us if he stood out in the middle of Main Street one of these days and started spouting Shakespearean love sonnets.MSUR: Awwww, aint that special. Now break out the goods, because we are jonesin for some of those pretzels!We out, memorizing some Shakespeare.

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