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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering who’s got big take-back plans this week.Anyone get a Scooby Doo Chia Pet for Christmas? Ugly sweaters? Nauseating perfumes? A nose hair trimmer? Or a repeat gift from last year? This year, our favorite is the Bible our grandma gave us because she is concerned about where our soul is going. Oh, and we did get toothpaste and dental floss, but that we will certainly put to use.Now, we know Christmas is not about gifts, and it’s the thought that counts. Still, we can’t help but wonder what some people are thinking. And so, throughout the years, our amazed “wow, this is awesome” look has been perfected.Thank goodness our mom always prefaced what she gave us with, “I kept the receipt so if you don’t like it, go get what you want.” Now, that’s not to say that she gave bad gifts at all. In fact, she is usually right on with awesome gifts because she knows us so well. But it is nice to know there is an out and she won’t get offended if something makes a trip back to the store. Unfortunately, our relatives never made a similar offer. As a result some of our favorites from throughout the years include a long blue nightgown sweatshirt with a badly drawn tree on it, the same perfume four years running (we don’t wear perfume) and donuts that were easily more than a week old.However, from what we understand, not everyone is quite this lucky. When we asked our best friend about horrid Christmas gifts, the best she could come up with is paisley blue gloves with a fringe (grandmas always seem to find the most interesting gift, don’t they?).”A bad present to me is like a crew neck shirt when I ask for a V-neck. That kind of thing just drives me up a wall,” she told us, citing an incident from last year that sparked an intense fight. Apparently, she is very specific about what she wants and therefore doesn’t end-up with random stick-in-the garage stuff, just things she knows she will use and love. And we think she may have the right idea.What did you guys out there in Summit Up land get for Christmas? Any truly horrid or absolutely amazing gifts? Let us know at***We out, plotting our next vacation.

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