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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column that hopes 50 is the new 30.We know someone (and won’t name names) who recently celebrated their 55th birthday and they were less than thrilled about the situation. To us, 55 didn’t seem that old and we are about half that age. This particular person had also just seen their first born get married, which can make anyone feel older no matter who you are.As we are sure everyone has heard in recent years, 40 is supposedly the new 20, which would make 50 the new 30, right? As we begin to inch our way toward 30, which is really only 10 if we follow the new rules of aging, we are hoping that by the time we are 40 and eventually 50 we’ll still feel like we are in our twenties. We may not look it, but we at least want to feel young.Now that we are living in the days of botox and lipo-suction, how far will people go in the future to look 10 or 20 years younger? Will 60 soon be the new 20? Or, will everyone just give up on trying to look young, accept the way they are and age gracefully? Probably not.We suppose it doesn’t help the aging process when we see people like Madonna on TV, who is now over 50 and looks younger than the day she recorded “like a virgin.” Money may not buy happiness but it will buy you a few extra years off your appearance.We feel that there is a big correlation between how young you feel and how young you look. As we get older we hope to stay young at heart and hopefully that will reflect on the outside, plus, we are terrified to go under the knife.***We out and it’s Sunday so we’re probably still sleeping.

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