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Special to the Daily/ Kathie Kralik

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column amazed by the abundance of “muffin tops” we saw this weekend while we visited another part of the state. For those of you who haven’t heard this term, it is a reference to when side fat hangs over pants (mostly on girls) because the pants are too small. We don’t see them often around here, but we still want to put a plug out there as a reminder to buy pants that fit. Our advice: Don’t try to squeeze into smaller ones just because you don’t like the idea of a larger size. Skin hanging over the sides of pants is not attractive and you don’t want to your pants to resemble a sausage casing.

***Next, we have a couple baby congratulations to send out.

Michele sent in the following.”We, my family and I, Michele Sam and Shelbee Ramirez-Simmoins-Wood, would like to send out a big shout to our friends Anastacia and Josh Martinez and family (of Silverthorne) on their soon-to-arrive baby girl. We want to bless them with much happiness and love with their future bundle of joy. … Another baby boy congratulations out to Anne Wannamaker and Jesse Meyer of Silverthorne. We are so happy for you both on your soon to be baby boy. Your friends Michele Sam and Shelbee Ramirez-Simmons-Wood.”***

Here’s one for ya. We just had the hardest time in the world opening a new bag of dog food, you know the kind with a little string that you’re supposed to tear across the top. We don’t know about you, but we’ve never had much luck with these things, and we usually end up tearing the bag into shreds. We’d like to blame it on our left-handedness, but that seems to be a cop-out, so we’re going to come right out and say it’s a murky conspiracy of some sort, designed to make us feel inadequate and downright dumb.

But we won’t let it faze us – just give us a pair of lefty scissors and we’re all business.***We out, running in circles.