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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column thinking a little bit of global warming might not be such at bad thing – at least this week.We’re trying to look out the window at the Corporate Suites today, but we can’t see over the mini Mt. Everest of snow piled up next to the building. Maybe that’s okay, though, since there really isn’t anything to see outside besides blowing snow. The snow stack in question – created by snow pushed off our flat roof in the hopes of avoiding a cave-in – looms ominously on the other side of the window from the desk of one of our ace reporters. Thank goodness, he’s wearing an avalanche transceiver, just in case.In general, we think snow is great. It’s pretty, it’s often soft, it can cover up a multitude of landscape design flaws, it’s good to put on sprained ankles, and it’s edible – always a plus for any substance. It’s not so much the snow itself that’s starting to annoy us, we’ve decided, it’s the gray sky and perpetual wind that we find psychologically challenging. A therapist friend of ours told us this week several of his depressed clients have been wilting without their regular dose of Colorado sunshine.

In an effort to combat this Seasonal Affective Disorder epidemic, we’ve been looking around for silver linings to the recent cloud of blizzard-like weather and we’ve come up with some suggestions:1. Think of all the gas money you save when you can’t dig your car out of your driveway because the snow is drifted around it.2. Appreciate the choice you have for parking at the City Market lot because I-70 closures have kept down the number of tourists in town (once you get your car out of the snowdrift, that is).3. Realize how funny your neighbor’s dog looks standing on her porch, eyes closed against the wind, covered with a dusting of white powder.4. Write a tone poem about winter set to the sound of the wind howling around your house and sell it to a New Age recording artist.

5. Take some time to learn the 57 Inuit words for “snow,” the 35 Bedouin words for “wind,” and the 152 Londoner words for “gray.”6. Imagine what it would be like if all the sidewalks leading to your house suddenly disappeared. (No, wait, that doesn’t take any imagination these days.)7. Make a game of guessing whether or not there’s a car coming from behind the snow mounds piled at every intersection.8. Clean and polish (and find) all your pairs of sunglasses. (You don’t need them now, anyway.)9. Use up all the old black and white film you have saved in the back of the fridge. (Who needs color?)

10. Pretend you’re Sir Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay, as you make your way across the post office parking lot.That’s all we can come up with at the moment. Having given it so much thought, we’ve realized blizzards aren’t totally depressing. And we don’t have to worry about sunburns or mosquito bites.***It’s Friday, and we’re not out. E-mail us at

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