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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column going through an entire box of tissues this morning.

Friday night we began to feel like a bit of a cold was coming on and sure enough, Saturday morning we woke up, head pounding, nose congested and eyes watering. We immediately went for the Zicam, Dayquil and chugged a nalgene bottle full of emergen-c. Unfortunately, we think it may have been to late to attack the cold, it had already taken over.

It always seems that by the time we start taking medicines to make us feel better its always too late. All these cold and flu remedies say, “take at the first sign of a cold”. What exactly entails “the first sign”? Every time we sniffle or sneeze should we be running for the medicine cabinet? We’re not sure about anyone else but our noses are pretty much running from December through March, non-stop. Should we be 0-D’ing on cold medicine all winter long, when we know its inevitable that we’re going to get sick anyway? Even when the pills, gels and syrups are taken at the first sign, we still seem to spend at least one day walking around with a box of tissue and feeling miserable. Maybe we should just give up all together on trying to remedy the cold and just let nature take its course, but what fun is that?

***We out, sniffling and sneezing.

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