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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column dedicated to missing the carefree college days.

This past weekend we went down to Denver to visit an old college buddy and were quickly transported to the days of old when laughter reigned supreme and we didn’t have a care in the world.

The trip marked a reunion of sorts and all our old friends came out to toast new post-collegiate successes and recount all the crazy things we got away with in our youth.

It seems as though the next phase of life is suddenly upon us and as we adjust to living in the “real world” we are left with the fond memories of long days spent studying in the library and late nights at the bar celebrating hockey team victories.

Four years went by way too fast and we now find ourselves extremely jealous of those that have been able to extend their collegiate experience for another year or two.

Who knew the five year college plan would become such a popular choice?

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Don’t get us wrong, life after college is still pretty great and even though we might not be able to stay up past midnight anymore it doesn’t mean we’ve lost our ability to enjoy ourselves.

Our priorities have changed since graduation, and we’re now thinking it might be time to hang up the spandex jumpsuit that helped us shine at more than a few late night 80s dance parties (actually maybe not, finding that jumpsuit at Goodwill took hours of searching and there are some things you just can’t let go of).

Life after college finds us scattered all over the place these days and, even though we may have lost touch with some old classmates, it’s nice to return to the same group we’ve become accustom to calling family.

It seemed like nothing had changed as we ordered up cheap pitchers at our favorite dive-bar, laughing at our friends that arrived still dressed in their business suits (little do they know that in Summit Up Land, we can wear snow pants to work if we so choose).

In true college fashion we were the last table remaining when the waitress came around to announce last call, and upon departing we promised each other we would make the reunions a regular thing.

Sure our college days might be over but the next phase of life promises lots of new adventures and as long as we can still sit around and share a laugh we won’t waste our time fearing the thought that we might be starting to grow up.


We out hunting at Goodwill.