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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column coming to your from the frozen wastelands of Siberia, where we’ve been hanging out with reindeer ranchers, slurping yak-milk popsicles and listening to Barry Manilow tapes on an ancient 8-track player we found inside the cargo hold of a C-47 military transport plane that’s been partially buried out here in the tundra since it went astray during the Berlin airlift back in the early 1960s. It’s kind of groovy, actually. Once we got comfortable in our reindeer-fur slippers, and our walrus-skin, seal-fur lined sleeping bags, we decided that we could definitely live here a while. We like the peace and quiet. Nobody’s building a new condo to block our view of the surrounding countryside, and the price is right.It’s a bit flat, we’ll say that. We do like some vertical relief in our world, given our belief in the goodness of gravity, but we can get by with our skate skis if we have to. Anything, as long as it involves sliding on snow. We’re getting ready to install a solar-powered disco ball in our igloo. We already have an ice bar, well-stocked with pure Russian potato vodka and several cases of Guinness. And we’re working on an ice rink. When that’s done, we plan to invite the world’s best figure skaters to the first-ever Siberian Open. That ought to heat things up!

Oh, no – wait. It’s not Siberia. It’s just corner of Granite and Highway 9 right here in Frisco. Guess it was the 10-inch deep ruts in the frozen slush that had us fooled for a minute. Or maybe it was the fact that we saw people ice-climbing the frozen waterfalls cascading off the roof of the local post office that made us think we’ve all of a sudden been transplanted to a land of permanent ice and snow, where the sun never shines and the idea of global warming is nothing more than a bad dream. Who needs Antartica when you’ve got the perpetual icy winds howling out of Tenmile Canyon? This is all working out great for local kids, we noticed, who don’t have to go far for sledding. Why, just this morning, as we mushed into the Summit Up Corporate Suites parking lot with our dogsled team, we saw some youngsters using a snow-covered car as a venue. We actually started getting worried about the post office situation when we stopped in to check mail Sunday night and noticed that there is a leak in the roof. We’re thinking it might be time for the postal service to break down and get someone up there on the roof to take a look and maybe do some shoveling BEFORE things come tumbling down. Not that we’re complaining. To the contrary, we are reveling in this winter’s whiteness and for once feeling like we won’t have to listen to the whining about water shortages this spring. Instead, we’ll probably be pestered by people talking about potential flooding. We don’t mean to make fun of people’s problems, but we’ve never understood why the heck anybody would build or buy a place that could potentially be under water. We understand that we’re running out of develop-able land in Summit County, but in our minds, that not an excuse to build in places that are susceptible to high water. But that’s just human nature, we suppose. It’s either not enough or too much. Perhaps we should all just take a lesson from Goldilocks – you know, too small, too big, too hard, too soft …. ahhh, just right!

***We have a note here from one of our Summit Up field agents to send props out to Ali Hasan. From what we learned during a quick Google search, Ali is being feted as an top emerging filmmaker after his film, Rabia, won a gold medal for excellence at the Park City Film & Music Festival. You go, Ali and good luck with upcoming festivals! We haven’t seem the film, but we do know that Ali is also running for the State Legislature around here (sorry for the lack of details, we tend to try and stay away from politics in Summit Up). We can say that he dropped of a batch of chunky cookies here at Summit Up HQ, recently, and that said cookies were pretty darn good. That in itself is not enough to get our vote – we’re not that easily bribed! But we do love cookies … and good movies, perfect for a snowbound night in the High Country.

***We out, polishing our Gold Globe! E-mail us at

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