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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that was sick until some poser ripped up our phat huck … or something.Forgive us. During a recent visit to ESPN’s website, we came across a glossary of terms for the Winter X Games, or X-Speak. It seems that on top of technical terms, someone thought it was necessary to define those slang terms that we hear thrown around on the mountain. We were undeniably amused that mountain vernacular (we’ll call it shred-nacular) was defined dictionary-style and wanted to share a few of our favorites.DOPE: Cool. FOLD: To crash big, most often used in past tense. (I folded on impact.)

HUCK: To jump, usually without concern for the consequences. MAD: 1) Crazy. “He was skiing some mad lines. 2) A lot. “He has mad style.”PHAT: Cool or a lot. “Those new skis are Phat.” “He caught phat air off that.”POSER: Some one who acts better than they are. RIP/RIPPING: To ski really well. (becoming overused in ski media.)SICK: Big, crazy, cool, incredibly difficult.

YARD SALE: A big wreck where the skier’s equipment is scattered about the hill. RAG DOLL: A cart wheeling fall, usually when gear is lost. See also Starfish.STEP UP: To push abilities to the next level. To rise to a challenge. STICK: To land a jump cleanly.JUNK SHOW: A gathering of people or equipment.SPRAY: To talk constantly about how good you are.

STRAIGHT-LINE: To ski a steep face or line without turning.Now, we’ll practice using these words …We out, wishing we were poaching pow and slingin’ slang.

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