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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column eating fast food and loving it.Lately we have noticed a lot of people knockin’ fast food and frankly we’re a little sick of it. It seems as though every time we bring up eating or wanting to eat fast food, we hear the same reaction, “I don’t eat that junk” or “that’s so gross”, we believe these people just as much as we believe those folks that say they “never watch TV”, we aint buyin’ it. We’re not saying that we eat it everyday or even every week, but honestly, when its 11:00 at night and we’re starving, there’s nothing better than a quick run south of the border. We think everyone should just tell it like it is when it comes to fast food. Yes, its full of trans fat and calories, but its delicious, cheap and fast, and we eat it from time to time.***Moving on. We are happy to report another Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from a skier and Summit Up reader at Copper Mountain Resort.The reader writes: “I absentmindedly forgot to put my skis in my car and left them leaning against the car when I pulled out of the parking lot at Copper Mountain last Tuesday. When I went to ski again on Friday, they were not in the car and at first I thought they must have been stolen. However, hoping for a miracle, I went to the lost and found at Copper Mountain and found some unknown Angel had found them in the parking lot and turned them in!”Thanks anonymous angel, your storing up some major karma points.***We out, pulling up to the second window.

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