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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column dedicated to the little things that make windshield wiper fluid annoying.

See, we just looked in the trunk the other day and found about five bottles of windshield wiper fluid that were all almost empty. Each bottle had a half inch of blue liquid sloshing around, just enough to make us think we should save it.

The main problem we have with windshield wiper fluid is the fact that every time you buy a new bottle and fill up there is always some left over. I mean c’mon, don’t you think the car companies and the windshield wiper fluid companies would have joined up to solve this problem by now?

The solution is simple really, either make the bottles a little smaller or make the tanks a little bigger. This is the same thought that runs through our head every time we fill up our washer fluid and find ourselves awkwardly standing by the car debating what to do with the minuscule amount we get stuck with.

And you can’t just throw the excess away. That would be a waste and we’re not down with that. So we throw the bottles in the back of the car thinking that come refill time we will remember that they are back there.

To avoid this whole problem, we are starting to investigate alternatives and recently saw on the Internet that you can make your own windshield washer fluid.

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We got all excited about this news but then slowly realized that it would never work in Summit Up Land because the homemade concoction doesn’t work if the temperatures drops below 32 degrees. There goes that idea.

There are many different versions of homemade windshield wiper fluid out there in cyber space, and we almost made our heads spin reading all about water-based methanol mixtures with blue food coloring. Sure it might save us some money but it all sounds a little too “mad scientist” for us.

So after all our whining we realize that in the end buying the slightly oversized bottle is our easiest option. We’re still annoyed about the leftover liquid we get stuck with but will try to stop complaining about it to everyone we see at the gas station.


Here’s one that had us stumped on Sunday. We read the international news about 80 folks who died in Afghanistan as a result of a suicide bombing. We should feel horrible, right? Then we found out the bombing occured at an outdoor dog fighting ring. Still feel horrible? We had the same little internal conflict inside us.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to see anyone die, and death is certainly a extreme penalty for dog fighting … Anyway, after a couple hours, we felt horrible about reconsidering our sadness for the bombing and decided to go back to our original melancholy sentiment. But for a moment …


We out on this Monday thinking of how we can use the empty bottles rolling around in the trunk for a cool craft project. E-mail us at