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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column hoping flu season will draw to an early close this year.All around us we hear stories of sore throats, achiness, fevers, colds, etc. It seems like the coughs and sneezes echo everywhere we go. And while we thought we were doing pretty well avoiding the sick trend, this week it caught us.

Apparently, we got a little cocky about having been healthy because stupidly we got into a hot tub (a.k.a incubator) with two people who had complained about feeling a bit ill. That certainly bit us in the …Anyway, our recommendation for everyone out there in Summit Up Land is to stock up on antioxidant foods this week (berries, leafy greens …) and do whatever you can to boost your immune system. However, also make sure to have some soup, ginger ale, saline crackers, or whatever your sick foods of choice are, on hand so that you can lay in bed and be miserable without having to run to the store.

***Next up, we have a big happy birthday to send out to our BFF. Marissa Dungey, a brilliant law student in Boston, turns 26 Friday. For nearly a decade this gorgeous piscean princess has managed to tolerate our insanity and stick around as our best friend so we know she’s a lifer.

She knows all our deep, crazy secrets and is the kind of person who we trust with anything. Happy birthday Mariss! You’re the best. We love you.***We out, restocking our homeopathic medicine supplies.