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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column spilling everything in the same spot.

Let us explain this long, harrowing and sloppy story by first detailing our method of relaxation. When we kick-back in the evenings, we do so by propping our feet up on the end of our couch and flipping on the tube. Every so often, we use our bellies to hold a drink of choice, whether that be coffee, tea or … something a little harder.

When our belly won’t suffice ” on occasion we do like to rest on our side ” we use a little coffee table within reach. While it works to hold the beverages, it’s just not as convenient as our belly. Why? We have to reach, of course, and when we reach we oftentimes miss. When we miss, we knock our fingers into the glass and topple it over, causing it to leak its insides onto our carpet.

This, as you might have inferred, has happened more than once. In fact, it happened twice this weekend already. On Friday night, a nice glass of wine ended up creating a ghoulish-looking spot on the carpet. And then Saturday morning, we knocked over a coffee mug, further-darkening the spot on our floor.

Our initial attempt at cleaning the stain did nothing but smear the stain. So now instead of a ghoul, it looks like Australia. It should surprise no one, then, that we spent Saturday evening at the grocery store buying different carpet cleaner.

Yet, we could use some help. If you know of a magic solution to get wine and coffee out of carpet, e-mail us at


We got this complaint from local reader Heather, who had a rough time recently. It’s a story most of us can sympathize with, as it tends to happen to everyone at some point or another.

She wrote in disgust to a tow-truck driver: “I love the community that I live in; a community where making a living is not always easy, but the reward of where we live, most of the time, outweighs the hardships. We get by because we help each other, not because we ignore each other’s pleas for help. My truck was not hooked up when I ran outside to move it. I had keys in hand and was willing to get it out of the way right then. But, instead of having a little humanity and seeing my desperation, you ignored me and hooked up my truck while I pleaded with you, then charged me to unhook it.

Besides putting me into further financial straits, you have shaken my faith in the community that I live in.”

Whoa there Heather! While we can sympathize with your pain, we say, don’t put all of us in the same boat. We’ll stick our neck out and say that Summit County residents are still good, and even though the tow truck driver may have taken advantage of the situation, we must remember the driver is trying to make a living out here too. Towing people ” unfortunately for some, fortunately for others ” is his job.


It’s Sunday, and we’re hoping Heather has a great day today.

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