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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column taking a bit of a somber approach today.

Typically today would be the last day of the month. You know, the whole “30 days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, ‘cept February, with 28 fine ’til Leap Year makes it 29” or whatever similar version of this ditty you learned as a kid.

Well, for us, the last few February 28s must just have been business as usual because we really don’t remember them. However, the last Leap Year is a day that will stick in our memory forever.

It was a few months before that that we began working at a newspaper in the south,

and before taking it on full-time, we were in charge of covering breaking news on Sundays. Sadly, that Sunday, Leap Year Day, we watched as the lives of a young family changed forever.

Just a few streets from the newspaper office, we heard over the scanner that a 12-year-old boy had been struck by a drunk driver. Immediately, we jumped in a car and arrived about the same time as police.

A horridly pained screaming rang through the air. It was the boy’s father who had been out on an afternoon bike ride with his son when the drunk driver ripped the boy’s life away. And while we’ll spare you the details of how the scene looked, we will say the image will be forever implanted in our brain.

So, today, the day before Leap Year Day, we’re using this space as a reminder to all of you out there who drink and drive and act like it is no big deal … it is a huge deal! You can kill someone. You can destroy a family. You can destroy your life. And while we know you’ve probably heard this message before, we think it can’t be said enough because, sadly, we know for a fact that too many people still aren’t getting it. We were shocked by the amount of people around here (who should know better!!!) who do this without blinking an eye.

Also, while we are on our soap box, one more thing. You guys live in Colorado. The roads are already icy, curvy and can be ridiculously nasty … don’t add alcohol to that mix!


Stepping down now, we have some loyal readers to mention. Pictured somewhere on this page are a couple photos of Jamie Fowler and Corinne Toenjes. Recently, they decided to take the Summit Daily on a cross-country trip and for fun they sent us a few photos of the places it visited. Thanks for making the paper a bit more worldly ladies!


We out, hoping to have a quiet Leap Year Day.

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