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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only column celebrating the smell of wet dogs in Silverthorne.It’s that time of year that the powers that be let the canines of the Summit take their rightful place in society: The Silverthorne Rec Center pools.The dogs love this; it’s worth coming out for, if only to make it more exciting by setting a cat loose in the pool area. Dogs that wouldn’t lift a leg to another dog all winter let it all hang out, jumping into the water, fetching balls, and sliding down the slide.Before you non-dog folks get all weirded out about this event, let it be known that it’s done right before the town cleans its pools. We hope they watered their medians with the water!And some dogs just look so funny when they’re soaking wet. That ferocious Pyrenees that lives down the street? Add 100,000 gallons of water and they shrink to the size of poodles. Jeff Kiewiet’s bloodhound was a sagging, soggy sack after his dousing.All in great fun. Great fun.???Hey, it’s Fungal Infection Awareness Month!Yes, it’s that time of year, when fungal infection strikes, otherwise they wouldn’t have devoted an entire month to it! The two most common forms of fungi are ringworm and athlete’s foot.TEST YOUR FUNGAL KNOWLEDGE!A man with acute myeloblastic leukemia is admitted for a bond marrow transplant. A central line is placed and he receives marrow ablative cytotoxic chemotherapy. On the seventh day, he becomes profoundly neutropaenic. On the 12th day, he is febrile. Blood cultures grow coagulase negative staphylococci, and vancomycin is added to his antibiotic regime. He has intermittent pyrexia. By Day 23, he is still neutropaenic, still on three antibacterial agents and develops a high temperature. What do you do now?) Go fishing) Make sure his life insurance premiums are up to date) Hope he only has “Farmer’s Lung”#) All of the above.We’ll let you ponder that for a bit.The month of May is also Better Sleep Month – which we bet you won’t have now that we’ve told you all about Farmer’s Lung! It’s also National Egg Month, National Barbecue Month and Date Your Mate Month.In case you missed it, May 1 is Mother Goose Day and Save the Rhino Day, May 3 was Lumpy Rug Day (Yea! Lumpy rugs!), May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day, May 14 is National Dance Like a Chicken Day, May 29 is End of the Middle Ages Day and May 30 is My Bucket’s Got a Hole in it Day.We cannot tell you how excited we are for June.???Excuse us for not seeing the logic, here. One of our staffers was participating – quite inadvertently – in the Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Denver Sunday. There she was, in her Subaru with a ski rack on the top and Recycle the Summit bumper stickers emblazoned on her rear, and surrounded by hydraulically enhanced bouncing low-riders and No. Way. To. Get. Out.We are reminded of a brand new couple, newly married at Beaver Run one summer day, who inadvertently turned north on Main Street and found themselves in the slowest Honeymoon Escape Route in the Western United States: the Fourth of July parade. Unlike our staffer, however, they got into the spirit of the whole thing, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd, most of whom couldn’t believe someone got SO dressed up for the Fourth of July, and some of whom couldn’t focus on the happy couple for all the beer they’d consumed.Anyhow, being stuck in said celebration (the Cinco de Mayo parade, not the wedding) gave our staffer plenty of time to notice all the homeowners out there planting flowers, raking leaves and soaking their lawns and sidewalks.We can’t help but wonder exactly how frugal we here in the High Country are supposed to be if the water we’re saving is going to keep their Kentucky bluegrass green all summer! Said staffer was particularly miffed because, being an enviro-tree-hugging, granola-munching sort, she reported to us that she watered her flower gardens Saturday – with her used bath water! Bucket by bucket, she hauled that water outside, saving an entire bathtub full of water. And there they were (in Denver, not her bathtub) watering their sidewalks.Don’t send us angry e-mails – or do, if you want; we don’t care. But we’re now wondering if we shouldn’t just got out and spray off the sidewalks in Breckenridge or the rock medians in Frisco. D’oh! Already done! Never mind.???The correct answer is “‘?.”Take the time to let a fungi near you know you care. We be scratchin’!

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