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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column proving for the 1.7 millionth time why we have an infatuation with pets.

We know it could get repetitious to repeat all the nutty, crazy and human-like behavior of our dogs and cats.

From time to time, we report about beer-getting golden retrievers or cats who recklessly defecate to show their displeasure, but we feel today’s story is different.

In fact, it’s worth a movie script in our opinion.

Leslie Preston of Frisco sent us this story, and we hope we do it justice. Here goes …


Once upon a time, a wheaton terrier named Speedy and her family spent the winter in Argentina.

There, they soaked up the sunshine as their friends back in Summit County slugged it out through a snowy winter.

Alas, as the winter back home began to turn, and Argentina’s summer began to fade, they planned their return.

Shortly before leaving, Speedy wandered out and returned to the Preston house with a 4-week-old kitten in her mouth.

She carried it gently, nursed it, licked it clean and cared for it as her own.

For Leslie, though, it became a tough question: Did she really want another pet?

“I was hoping that either Delta Airlines or Argentine customs would somehow stop us from bringing the kitten back to the U.S. with us and we would be able to leave the kitten in Argentina with my in-laws, guilt-free,” she wrote us.

We understand. A philanthropic dog named Speedy sounds like a handful.

Yet, even the cold-hearted officials at customs could not stop fate from bringing Speedy and the kitty together.

It turns out, Leslie wrote, that when a dog is traveling with puppies, the puppies are exempt from export duties and fees, and the customs supervisor mistook the kitty for a puppy.

The fees were waived and the rest is history.

The Preston family returned to Frisco with a new pet kitten.

“It’s a very nice kitten,” Leslie wrote, “but when the dog and kitten play with each other, they both make the same growling sound. This is disturbing.”

Disturbing? We think it sounds sweet …

Stay tuned for updates on the kitty raised by Speedy the Dog.


We have a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! going out from Maggie Cox, who alerted us to the following abuses.

She writes: “Between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon this week, some lowlife left a mattress and box spring at the Frisco Recycling Center.

News flash ” the recycling center is not your personal dump.

May you always have lumps in your bed.

Bad karma also to anyone who leaves trash at the recycling centers. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.”

We agree.

Unfortunately, all this bad recycling leaves a real mark, and karma deductions are hardly needed.

Our penalty is living among more of our trash …


It’s Saturday, and we’re out wondering if a snowstorm is like a pot of water you’re waiting to start boiling.

If you stare at it, will it not change? E-mail us at

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