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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column catching up on our celebrity gossip.

After having a bout of insomnia the other night we decided to flip though the TV channels hoping it would lull us to sleep. We happened to stumble upon the Entertainment Channel E!, basically because everything else was infomercials, and caught a celebrity gossip show.

Normally we don’t really care to much about what is going on in Brittany or Angelina and Brads lives but, it was the middle of the night and the only other thing to do was eat.

So, we watched. Did you know that Cher once dated Tom Cruise (gross) and Jennifer Aniston is now dating John Mayer? Yeah, we figured you didn’t and you probably don’t care.

Maybe its the fact that we live in the mountains or that our population here is mostly men, but we have noticed there is a lot less emphasis on gossip and celebrities here in the county. Not that we are complaining. Maybe it’s the fact that celebrities to us are people like Lance Armstrong and Simon Dumont, instead of that chick on Grey’s Anatomy.


Moving on, we wanted to vent a little about the parking situation at A-Basin. If any of you have been there over the past couple weekends you may have noticed parking is not the easiest to come by, unless you get there at 5:30 in the morning.

Just a little message for those of you who may get frustrated with the situation, please don’t take it out on innocent people trying just as hard to find a spot as you.

Yesterday, as we were trying to re-adjust into a spot our car started to slip a little which caused an unnecessary outrage from the driver in the car next to us. This person thought we were going to hit their car, which we weren’t, and decided to yell profanities at us. You should be lucky this isn’t a scum alert, we’ll let this one slide.

But really, when all the other ski resorts are closed there is obviously going to be a lot of congestion at the one that is open. Parking at Keystone and taking the Summit Stage is a pretty good option, takes away a lot of the pressure. Or, just wait and get there at 1:00 in the afternoon.

There is no need to get angry, the ‘Basin is a fun and happy place for all.


On a happier note, we want to send a Happy Birthday shout out to a certain yellow-bike-riding dude, Jeremy. If you happen to see a curly-haired guy riding his awesome yellow bike around Frisco yell Happy Birthday as loud as you can, he’ll hear you eventually.


We out and its Sunday so we’re relaxing from a hard day trying to find a parking spot at A-Basin.

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