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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column sending out a little reminder about Mother’s Day, just in case you have missed the gazillion obnoxious diamond commercials airing lately.We’re in the countdown now, just three days to come up with a creative way (because contrary to commercial world not all women are into diamonds) to make mom feel special. And they deserve the best. Aren’t moms just fantastic??!!They have the ability to make any situation better. Whether something good happens or something bad happens, we want to call mom. And we’re sure you all would agree that mom is the one you want around when you are sick. Somehow the way they fix the ginger ale and soup makes it better than when anyone else does.As stated by our wise neighbor coworker, they’re your “in case of everything contact” not just your “in case of emergency contact.”Moms have the ability to always surprise you. Growing up we were amazed at how much our mom really got us and how she knew what we were up to even when we fibbed about it. However, that probably shouldn’t surprise us because our mom has been practicing momness basically since she was born. She is the second oldest of nine and the youngest sibling even thinks of her as mom.Throughout the years, she was our taxi cab driver, homework helper, bruise fixer, moral support, partner in crime (remember how we made you steal that margarita glass from Chile’s mom?) and all of course, our friend. She put up with us in elementary school when we were determined to have a pair of (what, trust us mom, we now know were dreadfully ugly) gold, pointed boots. She made it through the middle school years when we had purple hair, wore ripped plaid (dear lord!) shirts and was obsessed with Nirvana. And in high school, when we skipped and then lied about it when she questioned us, she let us off with a get-out-of-jail free card. (She worked in the school district so a teacher friend tipped her off that time because our friend did a poor job of calling us out sick.)For more than 30 years our mom taught elementary school. She was the kind of teacher who had a reputation for being tough, but was also the one that everyone comes back to see, hug and thank in their later years. Now, she is a yoga instructor, house fixer upper, storyteller, gardener, nearly on her way having a degree in naturopathy and will soon be spoiling her grandcats (another example of how she is always there for us).So, we’d like to say thanks to our mom and to all moms. And that brings us back to our point … get out there people and figure out how to make Sunday a special day where you let your mom know how much she means.***Next up, we’d like to send an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! out to the staff at Silverthorne Recreation Center. We just think they are fabulous. They are always friendly and welcoming. The instructors and classes are fantastic. And the people at the front are the best. Thanks guys! We’d nominate you for a customer service award any day.***We out, eating awesome ice cream sundaes. Way to make our day boss man! Yippee!

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