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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column wondering if personalized license plates mean you get pulled over more.We know, at the very least, people can remember your plates better. As we sat in the Department of Motor Vehicles Friday morning, we read the old plates they have hanging on the wall. One read Rainbow, for example, and while it could mean a million things, and could get us out of a ticket for being such a happy license plate, we decided not to follow suit.Instead, we went with the general plates. But as it turned out, we were no better for it. Our plates read: 420 PDY.For those who dont know, 420 is a symbol of marijuana use and when you say PDY, you say Party. So now, as luck would have it, we are driving around with 420 PDY on our plates. We should have just gone with Rainbow.But please note: We are obeying the speed limit.***We heard from our friend Frank Walter, the Copper Mountain Cowboy, this morning. He wrote: Since mid-December I have been hoping to find a way to thank you. Yesterday I spotted your e-mail address at the end of your daily article, so here goes.On Sunday, Dec. 16, I rode Coppers SuperBee with you and yours, but I had no idea that I was with the Summit Up journalist. As usual, I had a great day of skiing, enhanced by the wonderful people I get to ride with on the lift. A couple days later, again on SuperBee, an acquaintance said, That was a fine article about you in Summit Up this week. Having no knowledge that I had been so favored, I wasnt sure what she was talking about, but I found out as soon as I looked in the Daily when I got back to my house. Soooo, thank you very much for recording that lift ride experience and for doing it in such a complimentary manner. It gave me a great opportunity to score more points with my children (six), grandchildren (12), and great grandchildren (six), and other relatives and friends. You do a terrific job with Summit Up. Keep it up.Thanks Frank. May we catch another lift ride in the near future.***Heres a funny e-mail we got this week to Summit Up land. Apparently, someone graduated with Summit Up and is still looking to meet up. Since we cant remember ever graduating, we assume we werent stellar students. Yet, the e-mail explained: Hi, I looked for you on, but you werent there.We wonder why.***Its Saturday, and were out flipping a coin to see if it will be sunny or snowy. E-mail us at

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