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Ten days into May?

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column addicted to online Scrabble.

We were recently invited to play an online game of scrabble with our best friend who lives many, many miles away.

The game is called Scrabulous and it’s played on everyone’s favorite online networking website, Facebook.

We started out playing one game (which we won) and this turned into playing multiple games at a time.

Though it’s played just like regular scrabble, the game has components which make it a lot more fun and user friendly.

Such as a link to a dictionary on the bottom of the page where you can instantly look up words before playing them, and a two-letter word tab which gives us every the two-letter words in the dictionary.

The online version also won’t let you play a word unless it is a valid scrabble word, therefore making the “challenge” move completely unnecessary.

The game is so addicting that we spent nearly three hours on the phone with our friend last Sunday playing scrabble and talking.

We think the last time we actually played Scrabble on a real board was more than 10 years ago with our parents, and then we didn’t find it to be very fun.

But, there is something about this online Scrabble that is addicting, we can’t stop. Admitting we have a problem is the first step, right?


Now, we have to mention something about the weather because, well, we’re Summit Up.

That’s what we do.

Plus, the weather is ridiculous right now and we figure complaining about it will help our morale.

As we were wandering around the office, taking a break or procrastinating on our current project, we happened to pick up a 2008 Farmers Almanac that was setting on a co-workers desk.

We flipped to the Intermountain region and to our surprise the weather is not supposed to be like this.

According the Farmer’s Almanac, April and May are supposed to be warmer than normal with near-normal precipitation.

We suppose by “near-normal” they mean way too much snow and summer will never come and everyone will be miserable.

Not that we’re bitter or anything.

We think that Bill Petty of Frisco (pictured on this page, brushing off his car) sums it up pretty well, “It sucks, I don’t think you can publish that, I think everybody up here is getting really tied of it.”

You said it, buddy.

Speaking of brushing off cars, we are pretty sick of that too.

We don’t even like to do it in December when we actually want the snow around.

It was even less appealing this morning when we were forced to step in a giant, freezing, slushy puddle in order to brush off our windshield.

The puddle was so big and unavoidable we actually had to change our socks and shoes after being forced to step in it.

This did not start our day off on the right foot (pun intended).


We out, laying down a triple word score for 38 points.

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