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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column parked in procrastination station.

We’ve been parked here for quite some time actually and while we’ve been idling, we’ve become completely obsessed with online browsing.

Notice we said “browsing” instead of “shopping” because shopping would imply that we were actually buying things online.

Nope, we prefer to surf the rolling tides of the World Wide Web, and have become completely consumed with searching out the best bargains.

Mainly we browse for clothes and shoes. Bouncing from site to site, comparing prices on completely unnecessary things we will never actually be able to afford.

It’s a cruel joke really.

We find the perfect little sun dress, tank top, or pair of hot Nikes only to take a glance at our bank account to realize we have rent and bill payments looming at the first of the month.

Just once we would love to move stuff from our wish list into our shopping cart.

The thought of entering our billing information without chickening out would totally transform our closet, something that we have been wanting to do for years.

Don’t get us wrong, we really try not to get too caught up in material things, but online browsing can really take over sometimes.

Recently we discovered a couple of websites that offer killer deals on outdoor gear and clothing almost every hour.

You never know when the deal is going to change, or if the item is going to sell out, and the exciting thrill of the chase has really proven to be quite the distraction at work.

On a side note, how did people ever survive working desk jobs before the Internet?

When we find ourselves parked in procrastination station, there is no better remedy than a quick Internet surf for sandals we would never even wear.

OK, back to the browsing addiction.

In an attempt to put a label on our growing dependency towards browsing, we did a quick dictionary check just to see what actually qualifies as addiction.

Addiction: The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

OK fine, labeling it a “browsing addiction” might be a little too intense, but when our minds start to wander it is the first thing we turn to.

Wait, now there is a wetsuit on sale. Wow, it’s a killer deal. Do we need a wetsuit? Ah the obsession has taken hold.

Immediately we think that if we did go ahead and buy this wetsuit, it would inspire us to schedule a surf trip this summer, or wait, maybe even a scuba diving adventure.

And this, ladies and gents, is how we feed our addiction, without actually buying anything.

We get such a kick out of imagining how great it would be with all this new stuff that when it comes down to actually clicking the “Buy” button, we know it will never be as good as how we imagined it in our heads.

Sure, that dress from Banana Republic would look killer, but where would we wear it? In the office? Mountain biking? Going to the recycling center?

In our imagination, the flowing silk dress is swaying in the breeze as we walk barefoot down a white sand beach with calypso music lightly playing in the background.

As we open our eyes and star blankly back at our computer monitor, we realize that that scenario probably wont happen anytime soon so buying the $70 dress doesn’t make much sense now.

We out on this Monday, navigating the Internet for the next great bargain.

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