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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column about our Summit County wrinkle.

Yup, that’s right. We have a wrinkle completely dedicated to the county. It is a vertical line smack in the middle of our eyebrows and it was thoroughly crafted throughout the last two ski seasons.

Some of the major contributing factors to our wrinkle include: Driving behind someone going 11 mph on Highway 9, witnessing people out on a 2 degree day wearing jeans while skiing and really horrid, stoner pick-up lines because our gender is massively outnumbered. It was during these countless incidents and many others that our wrinkle developed from our “ohmigod, confused, is that really happening right now” look.

So, now even though this Summit Upper is moving on, we will always have our Summit County wrinkle. And days when the wrinkle catches our attention, it is with smiles and fond memories that we will think of our time here.


Moving on from our wrinkle to a party. This Saturday, Colorado’s Best DJs presents “Another Dam Locals Party” at A-Basin. It is the fifth annual locals end of season party and free beer will be provided by Dillon Dam Brewery. Join DJ KBK and several DJs from the Denver area as they spin hip-hop, house, electronica, rock and take requests. The kegs and music start at 9 a.m. (hummm, that seems appropriate ’round here).


We out, prepping for our next adventure.

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